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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

The Beginning

Whoopie - another World Trip, I’m soooo excited. We had so much fun traveling around the world in 2011 - 2013, living like locals and having the time to really get to know the city or countryside. I was blessed to be able to make our dreams come alive.  Yes it was scary at first but we realized people are the same all over the world so let’s continue the FUN!

Back in January 2014, I began planning an itinerary - Step 1. We decided we would spend more time in Asia as we have just skimmed the surface of what Asia has to offer. Angkor Wat is a must see in Cambodia. Therefore we head West from the United States. The weather dictated our travel time of fall/winter.

I found a cruise ship departing from Vancouver B.C. sailing to Japan. Am I lucky or what? The cruise was $200 more than the airfare to Tokyo from Denver. By cruising we arrive fresh - no jet lag, fat - much better food than on the airplane, and happy - we didn’t have to sit next to a crying baby for a 15 hour flight.

For Step 2, we had to find a property manager to handle renting out the Avon property. During this process it was brought to our attention that people looking for long term rentals usually have their own furniture. OMG, we were lucky the last time we rented as we put the townhouse on the market thinking it would be just for the “Ski Season”. The tenants actually wanted the place for a whole year.

Unexpected Step - what to do with our furniture. After checking into storage sites, the effort of moving the furniture, paying for it’s storage, and the possibility that we might find an International Home, paved the way for the idea of an Estate Sale.

Estate Sale - Very Big Step. Not only did we get rid of the furniture but the car too. Now we have cut the umbilical cord and are totally free to travel for as long as we wish.

You don’t realize how much stuff you have until it is displayed for everyone to see!!!

One side issue of an estate sale - they sell the bed you sleep in!! Hence the move to Denver via AirBnB with everything we will take on the trip & some clothes we can throw away.

We didn’t make as much money as I thought we would. Some things took forever to sell when I thought the items would go quickly. I view this estate sale event as an opportunity - I get all new furniture!

Our AirBnB male host, Bryce Button, was very interesting to talk to. He has won many editing awards. He wrote and edited a film called the “ True whispers : the story of the Navajo code talkers” which we watched. It is a documentary about the use of the Navajo words used as an unbreakable code during WWII and the Indian men that transmitted those messages.

We spent our time visiting with family and friends. Hopefully the children will be able to take a week off from work to visit us a year from now somewhere in Europe.