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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

About Us

Gary grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia.  His father, Buck, would take the family to the Adirondacks and the Chesapeake Bay, to boat and water-ski. As the four boys grew, so did the vessels.

My sister arranged the rental of a houseboat on the Canal Du Midi in France. The pace of life was slow, the French food - excellent, and the wine... Ooooooh la la!  (Gary shot this before I was awake).

We chartered a 51 foot Executive Sloop from Moorings, and sailed around the Cyclades Islands of Greece. The wind was howling during our anchorage at Mýkonos. I’m glad the bed was surrounded by walls as I surely would have been tossed onto the floor!

Candy began traveling around the United States and Canada with my parents. While I was growing up, we would visit Grandma & Grandpa Hanson living in the Northeastern part of Iowa. I can remember visiting Wisconsin Dells,Wisconsin; fishing on Brainerd Lake Minnesota; Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota; Kalamazoo, Michigan and Sault Saint Marie Canada before passports were required.  At the age of 17, I left Colorado to spend 6 weeks touring Europe with a school group. This trip changed my life. History now really meant something and no longer was just a subject with facts and dates.

1969 and off to Europe and I’m carrying white gloves- OMG.

Gary & I married in 1973 and honeymooned in San Francisco. Our joy of  traveling was off to a great start.

Gary’s mother was living in England and we visited her in 1981. This was Gary’s first time out of the USA.

Ahhhh, enjoying the sunset on the Cayman Islands after scuba diving, 1982. We hardly ever see Gary in future photos as he is behind the camera.

Our children, Mike and Karen, made their first trip out of the country in 1984 to visit their Aunt working in the Bahamas. We wanted to share the experiences that foreign travel can bring to a life with out children.

Gary & I first left the United States to start our new adventure of living long term away from home.  September 20, 2011 we departed  for Paris. We traveled around the world and arrived back into Denver on February 19, 2013, a total of 17 months to the day. We visited 30 countries (France, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Honduras) and an additional 14 we visited for the first time: Malta, Sicily, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Cyprus, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Nicaragua, Chile, Argentina, Falkland Islands, Uruguay, and Belize. In those countries we visited 102 cities. The city only qualifies if we spent time visiting the city, (making a train or bus connection does not count). We flew a total of 38,158 miles. To put this into perspective, the earth at the equatorial circumference is 24,901 miles. We house sat for a total of 291 days for 8 cats, 6 dogs, 1 sheep, 4 hens, 15-20 birds and 2 cows. Our transportation was varied: 18 trains (in Switzerland we put the car on the train), 16+ bus rides (in Lugano and Brisbane we took the bus everywhere), Cog rail, Cable Cars, Gondolas, Subways, several ferry boats in 5 countries, the cruise ship Celebrity Silhouette and Princess Star, a pleasure boat in Dubai, Tuk Tuks, and finally the most unusual was the donkey ride at Petra. We met many wonderful people and reconnected with family. We are indebted to Louis the Crazy Italian Driver. He was also vacationing in Cyprus. Louis was kind enough to drive us around the country of Cyprus in his rental car during the month we were there. The Girins in France and New Caledonia have my many thanks for letting us stay in their homes, feed us and acted as tour guides. Heather saved us a ton of money with the electronic bus card in Brisbane and she took the time to drive us around and show us her home town.

Now’s 2016 and we are still whittling down our travel bucket list. When will we stop meeting people, learning about different cultures, and trying unusual food? Only when the body can no longer drag the suitcase around.

A quick Pictorial over view

Gary is down on the farm every summer.

Dusty and Cinder, our first dogs as a married couple.

Animals we have loved during our travels.