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March 26 Tanah lot Temple

Our first temple in Bali. I was initially put off with all the commercialism going on outside the temple area but as Gary says you have your store where there are people and there were a ton of people at this site.

Loved our AirBnb - 318045?guests=1&adults=1

Everyone was so friendly.

March 29  Today was the Taman Ayun temple. It is a place to worship the royal family of Mengwi and their ancestors dating back to 1627. Afterwards we drove to Bali Ulun Danu Banatan Temple. This temple was dedicated to the worship of the goddess of the lake.

Both temples had beautiful grounds. It was so relaxing after fighting the traffic to get to these sites.

March 30  Christine has decided to grace us with her presence on today’s tour. We began with the Orchid Garden. I think we came during the wrong time of year. The orchids that WERE flowering were beautiful. We then drove to the Tegalalang Rice Terrace. Luckily the fields were full of bright green rice plants making the hillside a green patchwork quilt. Lastly we paid our respects to the Tirta Empul temple with it’s hot springs holy waters built in 960. Pilgrims first approach a rectangular purification bath where a total of 13 elaborately sculpted spouts line the edge from west to east. With hands pressed together in prayer, they bow under the gushing water of the first spout, carrying on to the next spout.

We have both been to the dentist: my teeth were cleaned, Gary had two filings repaired and his teeth cleaned all for $120. I’ve had better cleanings but beggars can’t be choosy. Gary had a hair cut for less than $7. We take most of our meals along the Sanur boardwalk - sooo many restaurants to chose from. See photo above and all are under $7 per person.

April 2 We drove to Pandawa beach for a quick look around. The beach was named after the 5 brothers in an Epic Hindu story. Next we visited the Uluwatu Temple. The cliffs are so beautiful. Too bad they don’t have a scenic road along the cliff edge. Lunch was seafood at the Blue Marlin on Jimbaran beach. Gary said his oysters were very mild.

April 4  I had to make a trip to the emergency room. I just couldn’t shake what I knew was bronchitis. The Siloam Hospital was very thorough - inhalation treatment, took blood and I had an x-ray. It all proved I was fighting acute bronchitis. My bill turned out to be $210 USD including antibiotic and expectorant.

April 8   We made a long trip to the immigration office to have our picture and finger prints taken for the visa extension. Talk about the government being in-efficient. They have had our passport for 2 weeks already. Won’t do this again.

April 9 Our first tour today was the traditional village of Tenganan. The architecture of the village has remained the same with the row homes facing east and west and communal open air spaces separating the rows.

Second stop was Tirta Gangga water palace built in 1947. It was destroyed by the eruption of Mt Agung in 1963. I think they did a great job of restoring the gardens.

Last stop was the Ujung water palace which was also destroyed by the volcano but lovingly restored.

April 10  We had a lovely walk into Candi Dasa. We walked as far as this pond covered in lotus flowers. On the way home we stopped for some Mie Goreng (fried noodles) for breakfast - very traditional.

April 14  Nyoman drove us from Candi Dasa to our final airbnb in Ubud.  Along the way we stopped at the Goa Lawah (Bat Cave) temple. We didn’t see any bats but did hear many students learning to play the traditional Balinese instruments.

We also stopped at the Klungkung Palace. Most of the palace was destroyed by the Dutch in 1908. The buildings that remained were lovely. A student photographer was taking photos of his friends in traditional costumes for a competition.

April 15  Gary & I left our airbnb at 9 am and walked into Ubud. We got as far as the local market which had everything you could think of for sale. We circled around and started home and walked up a delightful street where cars are not allowed. Many restaurants to choose from! As we got back to the main street I found an ice cream store. First time I’ve ever had ice cream for breakfast. All this did was make Gary hungry so we had to stop and eat a meal with some protein!

This photo will always remind me of eating ice cream for breakfast - 1st time ever.  It will also remind me of the Canang Sari - offerings placed on all entrances of houses and shops. It is an expression of gratitude to the good spirit. The good spirits ward off evil spirits and harm to the family. These offerings are also placed on a high shrines. These offerings always have the 3 basic Hindu colors: red for Brahma, green, black or blue for Vishnu and white for Shiva - symbolizing the holy trinity. Incense carries the offerings to the higher realms.

April 7   We had an expensive driver who drove us from Sanur to Candi Dasa. I must use Nyoman from now on. I have “friended” Nyoman on Facebook should we come back to Bali. We had an airbnb located at the Bali Palm resort. The apartment had a lovely patio, couch and small kitchen for cooking breakfast.

April 16   A 2 hr drive to the UNESCO Jatiluwih rice terraces. They were so beautiful and the photos do not capture the ambience of the area. Don’t hesitate to make the drive.

April 18  The Monkey Sanctuary. The forest has over 700 monkeys roaming the area which is well organized. The trees are as amazing as the cute monkeys going about their daily routine. Afterwards we drove to the Art Market of Sudawati to meet the agent who was helping us to extend the Indonesia visa. After relocating from the old market which was under repair we stood at the new market looking for the agent who showed up on her motorcycle. Thank goodness we have the passports back.

April 19 & 20 I made another trip to the emergency room only this time at a clinic. I had another inhalation treatment and more medicine. Hopefully this will get rid of the bronchitis.

The next day we walked (Jalan Jalan) away from Ubud along Tirta Tawar. So many interesting things to see but most importantly - ducks in the rice field!

April 22  Nyoman (our driver) drove me to the Barong theater in order to see a Barong Dance. It was an old story of good against evil. After the show, I went to the Ubud Palace. As we left the Ubud Palace, we realized that a Royal cremation ceremony was about to begin and the police would be closing the roads. We quickly picked up Gary but the side roads were already closed. As Gary & I walked to the restaurant, we could see the whole town had come out to view the ceremony to the cemetary. What a funeral to remember.

April 24  OMG We have spent 7 weeks in Indonesia and a month in Bali -  the time flew by. We saw so many wonderful things here in Bali and met many lovely people - so many of them spoke English! Amazing - must be the influence of the Dutch and the Aussies. If they want the tourist dollar, it helps to speak the language. I hope we will make a return trip!!