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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care


3/1/15 Funny story about our flight on Thai Airways. We were assigned seats B & C row 38. I was first on to the plane and thought row 38 would be at the “back of the bus”. All of a sudden I hear Gary calling out “Where are you going?” I look up at the row numbers and I had already passed 38. The rows started with the number 30! Is this a superstitious issue?

After we checked into our AirBnB apartment, lunch was definitely the first goal to accomplish. We found a nice restaurant attached to the Glow Hotel. I ordered a spicy salad dish. I was surprised when it was delivered with small flower buds. The salad was delicious. We will try and find the buds at the grocery store. Because it is Sunday, Silom road is closed for market day.  The skytrain could be heard rumbling above us as we walked around.  Once back in the apartment it was time for a dip in the pool. Ohhh the water was so refreshing!

3/2/15 Grocery Shopping Day  As we stepped into the hallway, we were very surprised to hear it raining. This was our first rainy day ever! We asked around for a market and grocery store. We ended up finding the grocery store we used two years ago. It had expanded and is a very nice store.

3/3/15 Happy Birthday To Me. Our western food was delicious but definitely more expensive than Thai.

3/4/15 We had to buy a knife which we found at the street market but now we needed a cutting board (I think Thais eat most of their meals “out”). I thought we could find a cutting board in Chinatown. We jumped on the river ferry to Ratchawonge Pier. We were guided to the more expensive boat - 40 THB versus 15.   Need the boat with the orange flag!

A very nice Chinese man, whose niece graduated from Colo. State Univ., directed us to Tesco grocery store where we found our cutting board.

3/5/15 The goal was to walk to the Silom Complex and check out the mall. The basement has a Tops grocery store and guess what - we found the buds only that had opened into flowers. They are called cowslips. We bought a bag and Gary fixed a lovely salad for lunch. The flowers are supposed to help with allergies, asthma and bronchitis. We found a wine store and bought a red from Australia. The mall has quite a collection of restaurants. The Fuji restaurant had people waiting so we will have to try it.  

3/6/15 I have downloaded the Myanmar Visa application. The embassy is very close to us however we must wait until the 22 of March. The visa is only good for one month before arrival.  Waiting to hear back from India. Filled out the information for a Turkish Visa on-line - waiting for a response.

3/7/15  We had a wonderful dinner with Cassie & Servio. We sat their kitties 2 years ago. We went to Sam’s Fish and Chips but we had Thai food. We need to go back on our “Cheating” day as Sam double fries the french fries.

3/9/15  We went to the copy office to print the India application and attachments. I wanted to get prepared for applying for the India Visa tomorrow. We must go to the office to apply.

3/10/15  We spent 2-3 hours applying for the India visa. The document I downloaded was an old version - how was I to know and why have an expired form on the web? The office was full of other people applying for a visa. They assigned numbers to be called to the counters. One visa down, 3 more to go.

3/12/15  We walked to and around Lumpini Park. A monitor lizards ran up a tree in hopes of catching a squirrel. I was amazed how quickly he ran up the side of the tree - speedy gonzales with claws. Another one was eating a fish. It’s great to have this large park in a big city.

3/14/15 We ate our first banana flower in a salad - it was good.

3/17/15 Finally was able to get our Turkey visa for the cruise, whew. Two down two to go.

3/20/15  We had to extend our Thailand tourist visa at the Government Complex Building B 2nd floor 120 Moo 3 Chaengwattana Road - near the Don Muang Airport. That took most of the day.  

3/23/15 We arrived early at the Myanmar Embassy to submit our passports for the Myanmar Visa. On the way back to the apartment I had my hair cut - for the price I even got a scalp massage.

3/24/15 The street became  5-8” deep rivers. I don’t think I have ever seen it rain so hard.

3/25/15 We are done with Visas - hooray.  I had my teeth cleaned at Dr. Smile. Two people were in my mouth at the same time - way too busy. They also made me gag - put the mirror on a stick too far back on my tongue but my teeth feel so good.

3/27/15 At 5pm we caught the MRT to the Benjakiti Park. Thais were walking jogging and riding bikes on the track circling the lake. We continued our walk to Soi Cowboy just off Sukhumvit Road. It is known for it’s soft sell sex market. No Buy Here. Instead we had a great dinner at a restaurant owned by a Dutch man. The Thai food was very spicy but tasty!

3/30/15 MRT to the Queen Sirikit stop and walked to the Klong Toei market. One of the venders said the market has been around for 100 years. It is a huge food market. It was my first time to see frogs for sale in Bangkok. You could find every part of the animal at this market - some were very unappetizing. Next time we will hire Sam (see 3/7/15) to take us to the market and tell us how to cook all of the vegetables - the Thais like their vegetables!

4/4/15  Time to get ready for the next adventure to Rayong, Thailand - Beach Time.