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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

These babies are Hummin’

Monday March 18 - Tried to start the dinghy three days in a row with No Joy.  I called Chris’ Mobile Marine 239-707-3628.  Chris is booked a month out but will try to come by Wednesday the 27th as we want to leave on April 2nd.  Replaced the end of the gas line going into the tank and bled the air out of a screw on the engine.  Works fine.  However, the steering only works if you are a strong man.  (I am not).

3-29 Went for lunch two miles away.  Lost the entire RayMarine chart plotter, depth finder, and Speed over ground unit.  John called tech support.  After pushing all buttons, taking the faceplate off, checking the version number, John did a factory reset.  Now it works fine but a bit unnerving.

3-30 Floaters came out of the drinking water filter in the kitchen.  Then black stuff that looked like a blown gasket.  John thankfully had a replacement filter and swapped it out.  Great!  We are very happy that John has stocked filters, gaskets, parts, and other necessary items to run the boat.  Candy and I are in for lessons in boat repair I am sure.  

4-4   Two major, (to me), problems:  First, the port engine must be shut down manually about every other day.   This entails lifting the port bedroom bed and platform, hooking it up to the ceiling, turning on lights in the engine room,  and pulling on some cable to stall the engine.  Then putting everything back.  Must be a better way.  The second is the Raymarine C120.  When it works, I use it for depth, speed over ground, and to run the autopilot.  Unfortunately, it goes out several times a day loosing autopilot et al.  It is a real POS and will probably have to be replaced.  I’ll do some research as it is really unsafe.

4-5  Took the dinghy into Stewart.  I greased the steering to no avail.  Very dangerous.  I’ll have to get it repaired.

4-8  Repaired rubber protection on dinghy davit where it fell off.  Have lost the Raymarine two to three times every day on our trip.  Will contact John tonight.

4-11  Could not get anchor windless to go down when we tried to anchor.  Turned out to be a corroded fuse.

4-12  Bought two hands free radio headsets to communicate when docking, etc.  Works OK.

4-13  Played out anchor line onto the dock.  Marked it in 25’ intervals.  Now we know how much is in the water.

4-25 Finally got Steering cable fixed.  Sent in RayMarine unit for replacement.  Repairs $498.33, UPS Overnight $68.18

4-29 Received RayMarine replacement unit.  Installed.  Seems to work.

5-1  Safety latch fell apart when unhooking.

5-28 Dinghy lifting eye bolt broke. Took forever to coax the broken bolt out of the hole and shackle.  Replaced the bolt and re hooked the lifting yoke.  Not  a simple task.  All very strenuous in the hot  sun.   The most difficult was getting the yoke to the eye.  I  wish I had a come-along.

5-30 Tried to start dinghy with no joy.  Made same sound as in FL .  Mechanic said both ends of the fuel line should have been changed at  the same time.  He installed a new end, bulb pump, replaced the battery cable end as it was almost gone, and ran fuel to be sure everything was ok.  Had to wd-40 throttle linkage as it was sticking.  Charged battery.  Total $253.19 and a half of a day shot.  Mechanic gave me the bulb pump.

6-3  Dinghy engine rough, fuel bulb soft, had to pump just to get home.  Engine starved at higher speed

6-4  Cut off narrowed end of fuel line.  Engine still does not start.  Battery pathetic.  Possibly aux fuel filter is the problem.  Must get this POS engine fixed or we will not be able to go to a mooring ball or at anchor.

6-11 Took Dinghy into Washington Marina.. Supposedly, they changed the oil in the engine as water got in when the lifting eye broke. I’m not sure that is true but that is what they said.  They cleaned the carb and put a new gas fitting on the engine side.  When I picked it up it would not even start. Made same sounds as FL.  I am getting tired of walking 1.5 miles roundtrip just to have the engine not work. Had a come-to-Jesus talk with the mechanic.  Told him to pretend it was his sister in the dinghy in the middle of  nowhere.  I came back the next day and it cut out several times.  I had a heated talk with the manager and he said he would deliver the boat that afternoon.  The boat now works.  I guess the carb was cleaned a third time and had some jet put in.  $314.63 and I now have an engine that works.

6-19   Left windshield wiper slowed considerably and then stopped working. We loitered out in the open water until the squall went past.  Wiper blew a fuse.  I replaced it but still blew.   Must get motor replaced.

6-20 When we got back from dinner, the breaker panel said Reverse Polarity.  Called the security guard to see if it was the marina’s fault.  No, everything was OK.  Switched to another pedestal with the same result.  Manager came out and said receptacle on the boat was fried.  Now we have to get two power cords.

6-23  Chief mechanic said only two of the three wires to the receptacle were marine grade.  Those two had tinned copper wire and certification numbers along the insulation.  The white wire was a cheap twisted copper wire that corroded and caused the receptacle to fry along with the 50’ power cord.  He has the part on order.  Of course, he could not just replace the inside.  Only the whole unit is available.  It is cheaper to get new power cords than to solder new ends so I’ll get new cords.  John can put new ends on if he likes.  The white cord should be replaced on the boat but the electrician is also overbooked.  The mechanic looked at the wiper motor and said it was shot and could not be repaired.  Sounds like a $350 part plus labor. Boating is too expensive.

6-28.  Finally have all repairs done for now.  Mechanic ordered Windshield wiper motor  with the same part number.  When it came, the well was too shallow for the wires and the motor was 1/3 smaller than the old one.  Called the manufacturer.  They changed the model and it is supposedly now more robust.  Different design than the original.  Hope John will approve.  Total $605 with labor.  Receptacle was a 6 week lead time for stainless steel.  I need power so I got a plastic one.  Total $160 with labor.  Power cords ended up at $160. That plus five nights at the service dock at the marina and we are out a total of $1,149.69 Plus $5.00 for the blown fuses.

6-28  Took dingy to restaurant dock.  Ran OK there but horrible going home.  Time for a bigger hammer I think.

6-29 Cleaned out water strainer. Very little in basket

7-1   Dingy got us to shore.  Took 15 minutes to  start when we wanted to go to the boat,  Candy has to paddle part of the way out.  POS engine is really bugging me.

7-5  Ran out of  LP for the range.  Propane bottle is non standard and no one fills it in the city of  Baltimore. Had to go 17 miles to suburb to get filled.  Their fittings were worn and our tank fittings were new so they spent 20 minutes getting an adapter to fit. $19 plus transportation.

7-8  Dingy died on the way to town.  Started after 10 minutes.  

7-9  Dingy hard to start.

7-16  Bimini cover rail caps corroded through.  Installed 4 new caps.

7-17  Lost generator yesterday. Looked at breakers but all OK.  Hired J Gordon to troubleshoot.  Turns out another hidden breaker got hot, the cheap plastic cracked, and the built-in spring shot the pieces into the cabinet.  Another bit of joy at the tune of $139.76 for parts and labor.  Ain’t boating fun?

Thursday March 13 - It was 53º F when I woke up.  Started the heater fore and aft.  The fore heater only blew cold air.  Called Blue Water Marine

239-872-9623.  Came out Tuesday the 19th and had to add gas to the A/C unit that acts as a heat pump and replace a computer control unit.

Friday March 14th - Tried to start the port engine but No Joy.  John took a screw driver and shorted the contacts on the solenoid.   Large sparks and very scary.  John called Calusa 239-574-5053 to replace the unit.  Should be here on the 22nd.  Replaced unit and still does not work.  Will order a part to replace the thing that prevents the engine from starting in gear.  That worked.