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Nov 8 It was a beautiful day to begin our 24 day cruise down to Brazil. It was our first time cruising with Crystal.  Check-in went well.

Nov 12 St. Barts Port of Call -

The island is “rich” for a Caribbean island. We walked to the cross that overlooks the city and had a great view (see photo above). Then we walked around to the opposite side of the port to visit the castle. No Way Jose. It is now the police station.

Nov 13 Terre Haute Guadeloupe Port of Call -

It was a stormy day and a long tender ride so we choose to enjoy the ship. We were just there.

Nov 14 St Vincent & the Grenadines Port of Call

Yeah, no tender! We walked up the hill as you can see from the photo above. We met a very nice tourist policeman along the way. This island is much poorer than St Barts but the people seem to be happy.

Nov 16 Devil’s Island French Guiana Port of Call -

Many years ago I watched the movie Papillon with Dustin Hoffman. It really made an impression on me. Devil’s Island is the same prison island that made that movie famous. I have decided that people were much tougher than they are today.

Nov 19 Santarem Brazil Port of Call -

I put the two maps above to show how far up the Amazon we cruised.

Our tour was with Gil Serique, (not with Crystal Cruises), in the city of Santarem. They made a concerted effort to find animals. At one point a man climbed a tree and cut down the branch which held a 3 toed sloth and brought it on board the boat. We learned about the fruits and nuts (cashews and brazil nuts), in the forest. The brazil nuts come in a large coconut like container. This container can last for years and keeps the many brazil nuts inside fresh. We even got to fish in the Amazon for piranha. I only caught a sardine with my coca cola hand line.