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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care


November 18:  We had a wonderful salmon eggs benedict at Jimmy’s which is located on the Queen Street mall. We visit South Bank’s Sunday market and then hit the library again before we leave for the airport. We are able to dodge more rainstorms.

November 17:  Our house sitting assignment is over. Storm clouds are gathering so we quickly walk with luggage to the bus stop. Just as we get under the bus cover it pours and then the wind picks up. The cover doesn’t prevent the rain from soaking us before the bus arrives. Thank goodness it’s not the cold rains that Colorado has otherwise I would be frozen. It stops raining by the time we get off of the bus. We turn in our “GO” card and buy a one way train ticket to the airport, buy some wine for the Girins and go to the library for internet service.

November 14:  We have lunch with Carol in town at the Eagle Street Pier. Wednesday is also market day. She always buys a pineapple. I consider buy bee pollen since I am almost out but I don’t want to spend 38 ozzie dollars. We check out where our hotel will be for Saturday night.  We can easily get our luggage to the hotel and to the train.

November 10 & 11:  Much needed rain has arrived and has cooled down the temperature.

November 8:  Had to clean up more mouse intestines and guts. Then Piccola comes into the living room while we are watching TV with a mouse in her mouth. She drops it on the floor and settles down next to it as if to say “Look what I did!”

November 7:  We’ve been to the Sunshine Coast so today we take the train to the Gold Coast. It reminded me of Fort Lauderdale or Waikiki with all the high rises along the beach. They had a nice long esplanade - it would take a couple of days to walk the whole length. Shopping and restaurants for when you aren’t in the water. You can only swim between the posted signs due to undertow. Our restaurant didn’t have a liquor license but allowed you to bring in your choice of alcohol. I found the liquor store and bought a $10 bottle of bubbly. It went well with our Thai food.

November 1:  We have been working in the garden - weeding mostly. The weather is cool so a good time to be outside.

October 31: Happy Halloween  We have been doing research on the Great American Loop and boats to cruise with. Gary has found that a catamaran would give us the most room and a smoother ride. We wanted to lease and low and behold a couple in Fort Myers Florida have agreed to lease us their boat for one year - What A Deal!

October 28: Sunday lunch with Ken and Carol. Ken is a transplant from South Africa where he met Diana Mark. Carol is originally from England but they reside now in Brisbane. They are a delightful couple. We may have turned them on to house sitting - a good way to research your retirement city. I’m glad Diana has stayed in touch all these years.

October 26: Our GPS gets us to the Thrifty office - we did have some drama! We are in a tunnel and lose reception, the road splits and which way do we go???? Panic Attack! It works out in the end. We catch the train into the city and take the City Ferry on a round trip adventure. The city has done a great done of pedestrian walks along the river. We jump off at Bulimba and get a great lunch. The local theater is a popular place so I pick up the schedule for the next week - Tuesday the price is reduced.

October 25: Heather picked us up at 6:45am. She drops us off at the Thrift rental office. We find our way to the seaside town of Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast to visit Underwater World. It was a nice aquarium with a seal show. We had a mediocre lunch. The waitress suggested we take the canal tour. This was a great little tour with a side show of the captain feeding the pelicans. See “where in the world is Candy” to see a great view of Mooloolaba’s canals.

October 22: Mewing/Crunching/Mewing/Crunching. We awake during the night to these noises. I rush to turn on the light and Massimo (the male and independent cat) has a mouse under the bedside chair. Reminded me of the African lions, roaring (ok really it was mewing) to keep Piccola (the female cat) away from his prize and taking his time to enjoy his midnight snack - bones and all (the crunching) under the savannah trees (the chair). Twice before I have found organs from other mice on the floor. Not tonight - everything disappeared.

October 19:  We took the bus/ferry to South Bank where we walk over the Goodwill pedestrian bridge to the city’s botanical garden. We packed a picnic lunch and afterwards walked to the Eagle Street Pier for our ferry ride home.

October 17: For cocktail hour, we were invited to the Franciscan Friar. We met 4 of the Fathers and had a little bit of scotch. They wanted to know about where we have been in Australia, about house sitting and where we go next. It was a delightful evening.

October 16: Today we visit South Bank. The Queensland museum is free. We learn that Australia does have dinosaurs. There is a replica of a mud flat with prints of lots and lots dinosaurs running for their lives from a predator. The film that talked about this was very interesting. We then are walking along the river in the South Bank park and I see a sign for Life Guard on Duty. What is that all about? They have a pool with a sand beach right there in the park - How Fun!

October 14: We have been weeding, transplanting and general clean-up of the front yard. It’s nice to get my hands back in the dirt.

October 13: Heather picks us up again for a tour of the suburbs. We have fish and chips in Sandgate since it was a lovely day to be by the water.

October 12:  Thought we’d try again but cold and windy. Had to bring out the heaters to keep us warm.

October 11: Had to cancel our outing today - rain!!!

October 9: Heather’s Dad picks us up at 7am for a trip to Ipswich to see a cattle sale. Arthur use to be a butcher and farmer during his lifetime. We met a couple of characters at the sale and they all have their opinions about the government spending too much money. Learned there is 50% waste when a cow is butchered - ouch. The cows were selling from 1.40 to 1.80 per kilo. Hopefully after the cattle have been fattened up or are used for breeding purposes, the rancher will make a profit - novel idea. Arthur has also been a auto driving teacher and is currently a taxis cab driver on the weekends.

October 6: Our new friend Heather picks us up for a drive through the suburbs of Brisbane. Some neighborhoods are designated “timber and tin” meaning new homes are to be timber siding and a tin roof which is the look of the Australian home. Our first couple of stops are Sandgate and Redcliffe a seaside communities. We then make our way into town and the communities by the river.


October 4:  Mt Cootha and it’s lookout, botanical gardens and planetarium was on today’s list of activities.

October 2:  First look at Brisbane CBD. Took the 370 bus for a 20 minute ride into the city. We found the City Hall where they conduct free walking tours. The Info Center was very helpful. Decided to take the free ferry to see the city from the water. Then had a glorious seafood lunch right on the river and met a gal from St. Louis who was celebrating her birthday. Bus home took longer as we were in the early afternoon rush hour.

September 29:  Arrived with no drama into Brisbane airport. We met Heather while waiting to be picked up. She suggested we buy the “GO” card for use on the buses, ferries and trains. Lucy and Russell were great at making us feel at home. The cats are shy but I’m sure we will become friends