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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

Sept 26  We had two weeks in this cute remodeled farm house with two cats. The garden had to be watered and any fruits and vegetables were consumed.

Pee Gee and Gary became fast friends. First cat we’ve come across that loved having it’s belly scratched while being held like a baby. Boy did Pee Gee meow! You knew when he had entered the house and he kept it up until he received the attention he deserved.

These Andean tomatoes were soooo delicious. They were as long as your hand and looked like a pepper. The inside was very meaty and hardly any liquid. I must tell Mike about this variety.

Our one adventure was to the village of Chinon. The building and the fortress above the town are a UNESCO world heritage site in the Loire Valley.  It was a nice break but it hit me - I’m exhausted from all this sightseeing. Thank goodness we have another pet sitting assignment again in Magnac Laval. Down-time is a good thing.