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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

1/28/15  The apartment in Chiang Mai is large. However, the owner has neglected some maintenance and then there is the pigeon issue. I was hoping to use the deck as the weather is very pleasant. It appears the pigeons have had the deck to themselves and are building nests. Poop and feathers are every where. Some of our issues have been taken care of but we are told we can’t have netting put up. So Gary takes on the project.

1/29/15 We go to the center of town to get a good map of the area. We walk around a bit and in doing so come across places that make Thailand so special.

1/31/15 I have subscribed to an Expat’s newsletter and signed up for a tour of the Warorot Market. We met folks from the US, Germany, Thailand, and England. The tour turned out to include a walk around the market area as well. This was good tour to figure out the area merchants should we decide to come back to live for 3 months. I now know where to buy my orchids for the table.  It was great to speak English with people well versed in English.

2/1/15  Sunday Walking Market  The locals said the Sunday Market was one of the best so…. we arrived a little before 5pm. I found the souvenirs to be of a higher class and more interesting. The Chinese visitors were out in force. By dusk it was getting hard to move. We took a side street to find a tuk tuk home.

2/3/15  We found a walking tour of the old city. I transferred it to the map and off we went. We started at the Huarin Corner of the old city walls. While we walked we came across two very ornate buildings. The buildings belonged to an eccentric millionaire building a bunch of showpiece buildings to act as sales centers for upscale real estate developments twenty years ago. Go figure. The Wat Lok Molee, just outside the city walls, has a lovely viharn, wooden assembly hall which is unusual. A bride was having her wedding pictures taken there at the Wat. The 'Elephant Chedi' at Wat Chiang Man was built in 1297. It is the oldest temple in Chiang Mai. The Thai’s love their elephants - I do too. We enjoyed walking the narrow streets and seeing Thai life at a slower pace and have decided to go back and do some more exploring. Before we left we visited the Wat Chedi Luang built to enshrine King Saen Muang Ma’s father remains. It was partially destroyed by an earthquake in 1545. It was the tallest building in Chiang Mai for over 500 years. Enough, too many temples for the day maybe even several days. After a while they begin to look alike - except for the elephants.

2/4/15  We decided to walk the neighborhood along the river. Once a tuk tuk driver understood we didn’t want a ride, he told us about a market close to the Holiday Inn hotel. Off to the market we went to find treasures. The picture is of a bucket with a hole near the bottom and a cement inside to be used as a portable stove. That’s using your brain. We bought lemon grass, basil, limes, papaya, cracklings, bananas, beer, gin and lunch. I had very spicy brats and Gary had a grilled fish. So much for our walk along the river - maybe tomorrow.

The brats burned going in and going out - Ouch.

2/6/15  Breakfast with the Expat Club. The food was good but we didn’t get a chance to mingle - darn. We then walked the alleys of the southern half of the old city. We came across more Wats, fighting chickens and their owner and happened upon a flower contest at the Park. It was beautiful and I have kept too many flower pictures but they are a fun reminder of a great end to the day.

2/8/15  We finally do our walk next to the river. We found the temple we visited 10 years ago. People were buying birds, eels, frogs etc. Good luck could be obtained by letting the animals have their freedom back. I wish it were that easy. The guy in the picture is making Chinese noodles. We weren’t hungry , maybe next time.

2/10/15  I needed to purchase some red cross stitch thread. I remembered a place from our guided tour the other day. Found it - Yeah! Kul Shop 30 Chiang Moi Rd. A. Muang Chiang Mai. From there we walked back into the old city to the Buak Haad City Park. On the way home we stopped at a restaurant close to the apartment. My spicy tilapia fried fish salad was awesome!

We are out walking almost every day, checking out the neighborhood, buying vegetables at the local market or just plain walking. Sometimes we take a Song Tau meaning 2 rows. It is a pickup truck with 2 benches in the bed of the truck and has a roof. We flag the red one down (they come in different colors for different areas) and ask if the driver is going in the direction we want. Here we joined two novices. The young man next to me (20 yrs old) has one year before he becomes a monk. He thanked us for helping him with his English. It was a fun conversation.

2/14/15 Valentine’s Day  Gary cooked a wonderful meal. The fish was swimming when we bought it at the market. No fishy taste here.

We continue to walk the neighborhood - met a very nice Doctor and had a nice chat, found the tennis courts and swimming pool and we had some great Korean food. The walk back to the night market at dusk was just getting started. We found a stand selling Roti: Gary had Banana and Chocolate and I had Nutella. It was prepared differently this time. It was folded over and then cut into bite size pieces - yummy.

2/20/15 Attended the Expat breakfast again. Nice to speak to someone other than Gary. We then went to the market. We picked up all the vegetables you see in the picture for $3.06 - what a bargain. The vegetable on the far left is morning glory - similar to spinach. I actually prefer morning glory to spinach. Cilantro is called coriander here. Gary made sure I purchased orchids which sit on the kitchen table. Next time I will buy a plant instead of the cut flowers.

2/21/15  Gary suggested we try the restaurant where all the Song Taos park. The food was wonderful and very spicy, even the beers couldn’t cool down my mouth. The meal including beers set us back 380 THB or $11.66.   After finishing dinner, I wanted to come right back to the apartment to eat some sugar to cool down my mouth- instead we bought a snickers bar - Oh are we Bad but it sure made my mouth feel better.

2/22/15  Another meal out only this time it cost a “little” bit more as we ate at the RatiLanna Resort. We had a delightful meal watching the Ping River, the water lilies and a cool and inviting swimming pool.  On the walk back to the apartment, Gary stopped into a barber shop and was in and out in no time. His curly locks are all gone.

Our time in Chiang Mai is drawing to a close. The refrigerator is looking very bare. We walked into town to the Night Bazaar. After a nice meal we walked the bazaar. Gary noticed the sandals. Mine just aren’t fitting correctly anymore. My new purchase is very comfortable.

2/24/15  We were invited to another breakfast get-together with ex-Vietnam was vets. I joined two wives so the guys could do their thing. The Hideaway restaurant definitely was hidden in a residential neighborhood - go figure. I had a bagel with cream cheese - in Thailand! After breakfast we went to the Central Airport Plaza - our first mall in Chiang Mai. We stopped at Diary Queen for blizzards - yummy. Tops, the grocery store, was on the bottom floor and we picked up a bottle of wine, mozzarella and salami for tonight’s home made pizza. Thee mall has a shuttle Song Tao from many of the big hotels - need to remember this.

Gary has upgraded the program we just for this web site.  A short tutorial introduced me to some of the features this program has. I love the graphics!