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Eastern Chesapeake

June 30:  We spent the morning with our binoculars watching Bald Eagles, Blue Herons and Turns.  We decided to move the boat to the marina to top off the water and pump out since will be at a mooring ball the next 4 nights. I think this is the first place we can’t get internet with our dongle.

July 1:  Motoring to Rock Hall Maryland was a little rough. Towards the end of the trip the rolling up and down each wave got to be too much for me at our normal pace so we increased speed to run on top of the waves - much better. We drove the dink to the marina where we discovered a city tram was available to get anywhere for a buck per person. Jeffrey took us on a tour of the town, dropped us at the old town bank, now a restaurant, and then picked us up from grocery shopping. A successful day except for the small amount of rowing I did while Gary kept trying to start the dink engine that quit on us. Gary did get it going again. That dinghy has been a thorn in our sides.  The water was rough and the air very humid during the night. We turned on the generator during the night to cool us down. Unable to stop the boat rocking and rolling

July 2:  Back on terra firma to get some exercise. We walked to the pubic beach and the main harbor.  The first restaurant was closed but we were able to get in to the Waterman's Crab House. I had the local Rock fish sandwich (striped bass). Gary enjoyed more raw oysters. We tried to contact the tram. Never did get the tram back to the marina. Had to use the umbrella for the last ½ mile. I was a tired and sweaty puppy dog.

July 3:  Things work out for the best. Had we continued our journey north we would have been held up by the closing of the Erie Canal. The Looper newsletter indicated there might be as many as 70 boats that can’t continue along the canal. New York has received a lot of rain. Damage to the dam and floating debris were the culprits. Gary doesn’t do “waiting” and I would have been nervous about making up the waiting time to get to Chicago during the first part of September. Not sure if Rock Hall will have it’s fireworks display. The wind is still an issue.

July 4:  The fireworks last night were great seen from the bow of the boat.  We went into town to see a small town parade. After the parade folks were gathering in the Civic center park. We didn’t spend much time here as the heat was melting me. The trolley dropped us at the Harbor Shack for lunch. That evening we had a second round of Fireworks from private homes along the creek. Far to the west at the horizon, you could see 6 different areas of firework displays. You could even hear the boom as it traveled across the water.

July 5: We traveled to Baltimore and the Harborview Marina.  I cleaned while Gary had to find a place to fill the propane tank. One of the boaters offered Gary a ride to Ace Hardware saving us cab fare.

July 6: First thing we walked to the grocery store. Poor Gary was the pack animal with a backpack on his back, a bag hooked to the chest strip and a bag in his hand. I carried the final bag. Tried to go to the Liquor Store but wasn’t open yet.  The heat and humidity was awful. Late afternoon I walked back to the shopping center to get my hair cut and then on to the liquor store. For dinner we were going to walk to a pub but after walking awhile I said we are eating at the next restaurant we get to - the Rusty Scupper. We had a window table with a wonderful view of the harbor which we paid for in the price of the food. Thank goodness it was good food.

July 7: Monica took time out of her day to visit us. This is Gary’s step sister. We had a great chat during lunch on the boat. Dinner was at the top of the Tiki Bar herein the marina with more great views.

July 8:  We leave Baltimore but before we get too far I see we have forgotten to turn in our Marina security cards. We quickly turn around and head back but we get caught speeding.  The officer was kind enough to let us go without a ticket with my explanation. Whew!  

As we make our way back to the eastern side of the Chesapeake we finish Harry Potter’s Deathly Hallows. Listening to a book certainly make the boring ride more bearable. We make our way to Queenstown Creek just inside the mouth of the Chester River. An  review of Queenstown describes a pizza restaurant with good food. The dinghy is acting up again but finally settles into a soft purrrrr so we are able to find the public dock. We get directions from a local. Gary asks him about his crabbing season. He says he is worried as he and his fellow fishermen aren’t catching any baby crabs. He think it may have something to do with the huge population of skate fish or rays. I guess the rays eat the grass and then there isn’t anyplace for the baby crabs to hide. Our Italian dinner is wonderful. As we eat we are watching an Italian version of Who wants to be a millionaire but all in Italian.

July 9:  We continue up the Chester River to Chestertown to an anchorage that is close by.  Chestertown was on the main north south road connecting the colonies. The road was heavily used during the Revolutionary War. Many of the homes remind me of the architecture of Williamsburg. I do believe they are from that time period as many have a plaque which must refer to a visitors maps. We had lunch at the Imperial Hotel.

July 10:  It was a short trip to the Corsica Creek anchorage. We spent some time trying to get the diesel stain off of the back steps. Clouds were definitely moving in so it’s not so hot. With the clouds came the wind so it was a bumpy ride all afternoon and evening.

July 11:  We woke to the sound of rain. Our ride to Annapolis was “no drama”.  The Eastport Yacht Center was ready for us. Because the marina is located near the mouth of Back Creek and the Chesapeake, there was lots of traffic coming and going. This made it more challenging to back in the boat. Cleaned the boat inside and out so it’s sparkles for Heidi and Steve. It’s good to have internet again.

July 12:  Rain go away, come again some other day.  Heidi and Steve arrive around noon time.  Ooooooh how we hugged! It’s been over 2 years since we have seen one another. I really didn’t care that it rained all day  - we enjoyed being together. We drove to the Boatyard Bar and Grill for lunch and then to the grocery store for the all important junk food. The weather blew the waves at the boat making for an uncomfortable first day experience for Heidi and Steve.

July 13:   Gary made a special blueberry french toast for breakfast - yummy.  I called for the water taxi to pick us up and take us to the city dock. Frenetic activity was all around us both on the water and on land.  I should have expected this with a visit to Annapolis on a Saturday. We made our way to the visitor center of the United State Navy Academy. Admission requirements are very high both academically, physically and emotionally. We timed our tour just right. We were able to see formation or  inspection of the students just entering the school. I was so glad to have seen the men and women that will help protect the United States of America. We had lunch at Pusser’s which reminded all of us of our drinks with Tim on McGregor in the Virgin Islands.  We spent the afternoon enjoying each other’s company but with dusk it was time for the all important challenge of the boys battling the girls in Hand and Foot. Each team won a game so everyone went to bed happy.

July 14:  We ran the boat to St Michael Maryland. Steve drove and loved every minute. St Michael is a very cute town. It’s just hotter than hell especially when we walked a ways for lunch. After lunch we visited the Chesapeake Maritime Museum. We received a special discount since we arrived at the end of the day. We gravitated toward the air conditioned buildings but we did climb the lighthouse which was similar to the lighthouse at Solomons Island. We had a great view of the harbor.  The dinghy worked perfectly - no drama here.

July 15:  We went into town to have breakfast. Heidi had her phone with her which can locate the nearest geocache.  It was a longer walk than we expected and the heat and humidity were an issue. We walked from one shady spot to another. An artist was sitting on a bench busy working on his painting over looking the harbor at the end of the road. The geocache was located on the bench under the man’s butt. When we found the cache he asked if it was planted by Russians. Strange comment.  We explained that we were on a treasure hunt. On our way back to the dinghy we stopped for cold drinks at one of the harbor restaurants. That ice cold water almost gave me a brain freeze.

July 16:  We had a very good breeze for the run back to Annapolis.  After getting the boat tied off and water and electricity hooked up, I thought I was going to throw up from heat prostration. With the heat and humidity taken into consideration, the temperature was 100 degrees.  This heat wave won’t break until this weekend. Let it snow, please. We ate at Davis’ Pub which has been serving the locals since 1949. The boys battled the girls in 6 hand and foot games. The score is tied 3 to 3. Good way to end the trip.

July 17: I said a tearful goodbye to Heidi and Steve. They have an 11 hour drive back to Maine. It was so good to have them here. We had the generator looked at. It was the breaker cap that was broken and replaced.  Had to spend the night in Annapolis.

July 18:  Killing Seas. No wind other than my exhaling of carbon dioxide. The bay was flat except for the many swirling circles produced by the minnows. The only activity was in the cockpit -a swarm of Black flies.  Biting and tickling drove the humans beyond their ability to co-exist. I was a tornado of rotating arms. The sound of slaps filled the air. I was a killer. Small black bodies littered the floor of the cockpit. I felt no remorse. Exhausted from the frenzy, I fell into a coma like nap to recover from my dark side.

On a lighter note, it was too friggin hot to go into Oxford.

July 19:  French cooking is alive and well in Cambridge. We rented a T end at the Cambridge Municipal Yacht Basin. A husband and wife sail boat team suggested to Gary to eat at the Bistro Poplar. It was only a 3 block walk to the restaurant but on a hot day it seemed like a mile. We have had our fill of fried food so I was blown over to see escargot and sweetbreads for appetizers which we shared. The waiter indicated that the chef was from the local area, graduated from the CIA cooking school and worked under Thomas Keller. For the main course we shared the steak salad and the chicken salad sandwich. I took home the lemon tart. Everything was excellent and more than worth the hot walk.

July 20:  McKeil Point Anchorage up the Choptank River was out in the boonies. Big homes were situated along the shore so we had a quiet night.

July 21:  Duck Point Cove anchorage near the town of Hooperville.  With dusk came the lightening and a nice rain. Later in the evening we thought we were being waked but the wind had picked up and was rocking the boat. We awoke to water as smooth as glass, pretty to look at but it is always better to have a breeze. The skies have been gray from the humidity. We both miss the blue skies of Colorado.    I realized I never talked about Gary being stung by jellyfish.  He was swimming around the boat and when he came to the shady part - the jellyfish were trying to get out of the sun. He was stung in 3 places. I was surprised he wasn’t covered by stings. When we went to look at them, there were tons of jellyfish in the water.

July 22:  Somers Cove Marina in Crisfield Maryland is a huge marina. They were very empty when we came in. The office said it’s been a slow summer - must be the economy. I walked along main street after lunch and there are many empty building. Crisfield is not the tourist spot it once was. Tomorrow we will cross over into Virginia.

July 23:  We visited the local museum which was pretty interesting. The focus was on crabs/oysters their life and canning process. The museum participates with Elder Hostel and Rhode Scholar. Their 6 day program is very popular. I have always wanted to attend an Elder Hostel event. I will check out what they do for Norway.

July 24: We saw dolphins today. It;s always fun to see them. Gary said he felt like pin ball in a pin ball machine as we made our way up the Onancock river. It was like reliving the dismal swamp. It was a very peaceful anchorage.

July 25:  We are forced to stay another night on the Onancock River. Winds are gusting over 20 miles per hour and the waves are 3 feet. We don’t feel any rocking as the cold front passed through. The temperature was delightful all day and night. We didn’t need to turn on the generator.

July 26: We saw more dolphins this morning. They are beautiful creatures and so graceful. We have pulled into the Cape Charles Town Dock for two days. It might be three as another front is coming into the area.

July 27:  Breakfast was at the drugstore. You can buy your drugs, gift items, breakfast/lunch/ice cream, change the batteries in your watch and mail your packages via UPS.  They had a sweet potato pancake on the menu. I didn’t try it but need to find a recipe so we can try it at home. We left a phone message to rent a golf cart for seeing the town. They called back after we were back to the boat - their loss. Our mission was geocaching. There are 4 in town but one needed maintenance.  We had our first earthcache which told the story of the creation of the Chesapeake Bay. This is what I learned: 35 million years ago a meteor or comet crashed near Cape Charles. It was moving at 21 miles/second and it was 2 miles wide. There are only 5 other craters on earth bigger than the Chesapeake crater. The tsunami it created traveled all the way to the Blue Ridge Mountains and were 1,000 to 4,000 feet tall. All this from one geocache. The other geocaches were hidden on a boardwalk to the fishing pier and an old rail road coach.  

July 28:  We arrive at Atlantic Yacht Basin where Slainte will remain until she is picked up by her owner. We spend three days removing supplies and making her sparkle (as much as we can while Slainte is still in the water). We rent a car and drive I-64 and I-70 back to Avon, Colorado - Home Sweet Home.