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Wanderlust Home & Pet Care

Oct 13  Our flight from Denver to Houston was quick and easy. We easily found the bus to downtown. Once downtown our luck changed. There was no longer an Island Express bus to Galveston. We tried to download the Uber app but it wanted a phone that had more bells and whistles than what we had. The front desk agent at the Holiday Inn allowed us to use his Uber connection. We paid him for his kindness and the cost of the ride. The Uber driver was a friendly 50 year old lady who had adult children. She enjoyed meeting people and making a few bucks on the side. This was our first experience with Uber and I was impressed. We just need to get the app working on the tablet! Our AirBnB was on the top of the garage in the middle of Galveston’s business area. We walked to the Huli Huli Bar and had a tasty dinner.

Oct 14 We had an easy walk from the AirBnB to the cruise. Terminal. This was our first time aboard Carnival Cruise Line. I didn’t have high expectations, however the check-in process went smoothly.

Oct 15  It was a sea day with 3,400 passengers on board. The food was better than I expected. Gary bitched about all the lines we had to wait in. The musical entertainment definitely has far more twangy country songs than Gary likes but at least the songs were written since we were born, (unlike the other ships). The passengers were hard working low and middle class folks. What gets me was the severe, morbid, and super, obesity of the passengers. (Gary had never seen a double wide wheel chair before today). They tip themselves from side to side in order to move forward or rode scooters. Very sad.  Gary has never seen so many tattoos and piercings or heard such horrendous grammar.  (Me and her is going to the mall).  Ouch.

Oct 16  Key West Florida. We disembarked the ship with our lap top and tablet in tow. I had to apply for house sitting positions in Denver. We found the Bagatelle restaurant.  They served up refreshing alcoholic beverages along with WiFi. While we were there, our favorite band from the ship arrived for refreshments. It’s a small world!  

Oct 17  Freeport Bahamas. The town and beaches were 40 minutes away. There was a small shopping village near the ship with a Fat Tuesday bar that had WiFi so we went there. The temperature was very hot and humid so the crushed ice drinks were refreshing. Each day I had one or two new Denver house sitting positions. I found this surprising but I am thankful.

Oct 18 Nassau Bahamas. The visitor center had secured WiFi. Once we were finished, we hauled the computers back to the ship and then went out again to walk the town. We walked through the nice and cool Hilton to the pool area and laid in the hammock for awhile.

Oct 19  Sea Day  The ship had a water slide - Yeah! I had forgotten how fun it was. My knees however let me know that the 3 flights of stairs to get up to the top of the slide were demanding. We tried to walk the stairs where ever we went - good exercise.

We became the oldest groupies for Randy and the Funky Pilgrims. They are excellent musicians and of course I love to DANCE. I have danced more on Carnival than all the other cruise ships combined! Dancing Drunk Wanda was a negative but she usually wasn’t on the dance floor when Gary & I were dancing.

Oct 22 Another new cruise line - Royal Caribbean.  The passengers are much different. Far less obesity and the guests use the stairs! It will be good to see how the two lines compare. It was raining cat and dogs. A couple from Calif. Offered to share their Uber with us from the Super 8 to the port. (We had problems getting a taxi - big port day with 2 ships disembarking and embarking).  

Oct 24  Cozumel, Mexico Our first stop was the pharmacy where I purchased my asthma medicine. They didn’t have as many inhalers as I wanted so we kept walking and found another drug store. We also looked for a store that might sell a night light. No joy.  Our inside cabin was very dark. Usually there is a night light or enough light from under the door. Shopping came to a stand still as the rain came pouring down. We waited but to no avail. Thank goodness Hard Rock cafe was close by so we drank and used their WiFi. It was lightly raining when we left and we were pretty wet by the time we arrived at the ship. Hitting the ship’s A/C while being wet was a real shocker. Thank goodness for a hot shower.

Oct 25 Grand Cayman

Gary & I made our way to the bow of the ship as it was getting ready to anchor and tender guests into town. Storm clouds were all around us. Our tender ticket was scheduled for Noon.  As we sat waiting for our tender # to be called, the weather continued to deteriorate. Yep, it started raining. We voted to stay on board and I am so glad we did. We have been to Cayman before so no big loss.  Fortunately the “Olive or Twist” bar had a martini special that did not break the bank.

Oct 26 Falmouth, Jamaica  The rain had stopped - Yeah! We spent several hours at Margaritaville and a downed a couple of Pain Killers and Incognitos…

Internet was off and on but managed to get the majority of our projects completed.

We paid for a special “Chef’s Dinner”. Best meal we had but it was too bad to have to pay for a good meal.

Oct 29  We were back in Galveston. I had purchased a back-to-back with Royal. I was running out of underwear so off to the laundromat with the suitcase filled with dirty clothes and computers.  It was in the 60’s so had to wear our jackets. Are we ever going to get nice weather???

Oct 31  Happy Halloween

I was surprised at all the decorations on the ship. The ship even had a parade of passengers wearing their Halloween outfits.

Nov 1  Roatan Honduras

The government has put some money into the port facilities since we were 10+ years ago. We purchased a snorkeling & kayak trip thru the ship to Little French Key. I thought the reef had more fish than Molokini Crater. We also saw beautiful fan, elkhorn and brain coral. The fan corals were waving at us in the current. The kayak wasn’t interesting, just paddle out and back for 25 minutes. I had forgotten how it’s hard on my lower back.

Nov 2 Costa Maya Mexico

Mexico really learned how to market to the American public. The village at this port was first class, plenty of shopping, a large pool with swim up bars, music everywhere and a demonstration of an ancient tradition of calling on the Mayan gods for a good rainy season. Gary & I paid to see the aviary. The walkway for the birds was above and village and accessed by elevated bridges. We had great views and fun feeding the birds.

Nov 3 Cozumel Mexico

We were headed to the taxi stand at the shopping area across from the port when we came across an excursion salesman who talked us out of going to Playa Azul (no reef) to Playa Uvas Beach Club (with a reef). For $15pp we had an umbrella, lounge chair, one free drink, snorkel gear and time in a kayak (only Gary did this). It wasn’t the best beach experience but we still had a nice time. Need to do our research ahead of time.

When we got back on board we headed to the slide area since we were already wet. Gary & I went down the 2 people slide (not pictured). I screamed all the way down. Gary stayed to ride the other slides while I went back to a nice hot shower in the room.

Nov 5  Galveston TX.

No more cruising - boohoo! I do have to say that Carnival had better shows, music and food but the clientele isn’t to our liking. We will never use Carnival or Royal again if it just the two of us. I like my quiet areas by the pool. For families, these two lines would be great and I would probably go with Royal if I had to make a choice.

We walked back to the laundromat as our AirBnB doesn’t have a washer/dryer, (plus we couldn’t check-in until 3 PM). We ate lunch at the Gumbo Bar. Way too much delicious food. Leftovers for tomorrow.

Nov 8 Galveston Beach

Galveston has 2 trolleys that run from downtown to the seawall and along the seawall for $1pp. What a deal. We jumped off the trolley and started our walk along the beach with it’s soft white sand and a cooling sea breeze which made the warm weather bearable. The historical Pleasure Pier was closed but we did have a delicious lunch at Bubba Gump’s.