Gary and Candy Spaid love to House Sit
Wanderlust Home & Pet Care 
Wanderlust Home & Pet Care

May 9  BKK airport has many buses to different cities in Thailand. We purchased tickets for the 4 hr ride to Hua Hin. We had our ear phones and listened to a book on tape which made the ride go by fairly quickly.

Gary wanted to have lunch on the beach. No Way with suitcases. A couple from Perth suggested a restaurant and we had a delightful meal. We found a taxi that took us to the Santorini Resort 20 mins. South of town. As soon as we drove up, I realized I had made a mistake booking this resort - too isolated and no tuk tuks in sight. We had a slight scare when the lights didn’t come on. The staff turned on the breakers and also the water for us. I booked this apartment thru a Thai friend of a Thai friend. Good lesson to stick with AirBnB.

May 10  We asked the front desk for a taxi and she had to call someone else to get a phone # for a taxi. See what I mean about being isolated! The driver took us back into Hua Hin to a mall with a Tesco grocery store. We first went to the ATM, then found a place for breakfast and finally bought food for 4 days. The driver waited for us which worked out well for all of us.

May 11  We walked the neighborhood and found wifi at the hotel’s restaurant next door! Hooray! At least we received and sent emails once a day. Our hotel was the smaller hotel that is further away.

May 12 The Korean Golf Club was the walk for the day. The security guard was so cute. He couldn’t speak English but he sure could pantomime. The course was very dry but people were out hitting the balls around.

May 13  Our last walk took us further south of the hotel. We came across this shrine/temple with a cabinet full of clothes. We can only assume that the clothes are there for special ceremonies. We ended the day on the roof top of our resort. Nice views but the building construction would not pass USA inspection.

May 14 Chris and Patty pickedus up and we stopped at the Tesco near their home 1 hr south of Hua Hin. We had lunch at a restaurant on the beach about 1 km from the house. Conversations were lively and there was never a lull even until I said good night.

May 15-20  Our routine was to be walk the dogs by 6:15 as it was hotter than hell. Gary would strip and jumped into the pool as soon as we returned to the house while went straight to the shower.  The heat seemed to be worse than when the kids were visiting. Breakfast was around 10am. Cheese and nuts around 2pm. 5pm was the second walk of the day and then we both skinny dipped to cool down. Gary cooked new Thai recipes and one old favorite for dinner. They were all delicious.  The dogs slept in our bedroom. It was like having small children again - snoring, shaking of ears, shifting positions and nose in my face when it was time to go out and pee.

May 21 The pet owners drove us back to the bus station. It was only a 3 ½ hr drive back to BKK. Yeah!

May 22 We said Good-bye to Thailand until July!