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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

March 13  Our first stop before our house sitting assignment in Hyeres was Collioure. It was a 5 ½ hour drive from Valencia, Spain in the pouring rain to sunny Collioure, France. What a lovely town. The bay sparkled as it surrounded the old castle. Our AirBnB host recommended the restaurant, Le Neptune. Wonderful food with a wonderful view of the town across the bay. Our accommodations have an upstairs terrace which have almost the same view! This view in the picture is from Fort Elme.

March 14  We walked up to the moulin (windmill) and thought we could walk up to Fort Elme - no way. We  hoped we could find a way to drive to the Fort. The walk into town was lovely. Gary was busy snapping photos as we discovered the town. We had an OK lunch with a great view.

March 15  Our host said it would be a pretty drive along the coast. The waiter from Neptune gave us a fish restaurant which served oysters. So we were off and discovered a way to drive to the Fort. What a wonderful view of Collioure from the Fort. The Fort is privately owned and had a small museum inside. Children from the local school were also taking a tour. Gary loved his lunch of various fruit du mar. I enjoyed the cuttle fish better than the calamari - go figure. The fish was delicious. Why do the French leave the heads on the shrimp????  I had to get my fingers dirty. If you know me, you know I even eat my donuts with a fork! Can’t use a fork to peel a shrimp.

March 16  We arrived in Hyeres for the house sitting assignment. Jeanine and Michel are family to Christophe. I am so glad we were able to give them a holiday to Italy and then Paris to see their daughters. I think this is the first time I have shucked peas!  

March 22 Our day trip away from the animals (3 legged cat, hedgehog and turtle).  The peninsula was only a 30 minute drive and the day was too beautiful to stay at home. It was very windy on the west side of the peninsula. The weather was calm at Port du Niel. We discovered Le Poisson Rouge which was delightful and reasonably priced. Next time we come we will get a table with a view of the port.

March 25  It has been raining since our last trip so I have plenty of time to cross stitch. My 3 legged friend does like to sit on my lap as you can see in the picture.

March 27  Gassin is a small village on the “most beautiful” list and is located near Saint Tropez. The village has a wonderful view looking down on Saint Tropez and the bay. We found a door that had a date of 1422 as we walked the village - WOW! We had a great lunch at the only restaurant that was open for the season.

March 28  It was back to a village by the Med. Sanary sur Mer. Marci brought us to this village 25+ years ago. The town was getting ready for tourist season with the repair of the plaza/boardwalk around the harbor. We walked up along a cliff for a view of the city and also discovered the 12 stations of the cross and a chapel built in the 1500’s - double bang for our money. I was hungry for a burger. It was fair, the chef didn’t season the beef. We splurged on a caramel crepe which made up for the burger - oooh the calories!

March 29  It was a longer drive in-land to the village of Gourdon, another most beautiful village. Jeanine was able to travel with us.  It was perched on the top of a hill with a view to the sea. How did these people make a living back in the medieval ages?? They would have to have had a water source, foods would have been grown on the slopes. Maybe the cattle were taken down to valley to graze for the summer.  Wish I could go back in time for a quick look!  We had a nice lunch with a great view of the valley.

March 30  The four of us are back to Port du Niel for lunch at Le Poisson Rouge. It was an excellent event - good food, good company, a lovely rose and a wonderful view.

I was invited to tea at a neighbor’s house. Jeanine had to translate often but it was an opportunity I’m glad I didn’t miss.

March 18  The cleaning lady arrived so we took off for the market in Hyeres.  It is a large market! We walked by a boulanger and there were 10+ people waiting to buy bread. It must be great bread! We stopped to have a Café Allongé and a Chocolat Chaud and just watched the people walking by. Gary bought some oysters and some vegetables and sausages so we contributed to the economy.

Our time in Hyeres is coming to a close, a few rainy days and then sunny days which allowed me time to work in the garden. Thank you Michel and Jeanine for having us to your home.