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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

Girls Vacation to Jackson Hole WY.

September 4, 2013  Diana Mark & I leave Denver for a Girls Vacation. I was pleasantly surprised with the Fort Collins cutoff using Highway 287. It was beautiful scenery with John Denver playing in the background.

September 5, 2013  We arrive in Pinedale WY to pick up Sally, Diana’s friend from college. We decide to spend the morning at the Mountain Man Museum.

I was surprised to learn that the gathering of the beaver pelts only lasted about 35 years. Silk replaced the beaver pelt used to make the “Top” hats. The Mountain men then became the guides for the wagon loads of pioneer men and women moving west.

Pinedale is a two hour drive to Jackson. Mike reserved us a suite at Hotel Terra located at the Teton Village.  It was perfect and even included 3 cup cakes.

Dinner was consumed while watching the Broncos beat Baltimore.

September 6, 2013  Teton National Park day. We spent time with the ranger discussing our hike. We went with Mike’s suggestion of Taggart Lake. The view from the visitor center was magnificent.

On our way we had to cross a stream. I bet in spring, the bridge would be impassable.

It only took us 45 minutes to reach the lake. As we sat at lakeside we soaked up the view.

The afternoon was spent at the Wild Life Museum. The all important cocktail hour was spent at the Cowboy Bar.

Walking back down was just as beautiful.

All the bar stools are saddles -how great is that!

On our way home we stopped at the Oregon Trail Cutoff.  Beginning in 1843 pioneers traveled this route to City of Rocks Idaho. Increased traffic resulted in the first government road construction project in the West. A highway for wagon trains!

The trip fed my love of  history, love of the mountains and love of a very old friend.