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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

The Japanese believe in evil spirits and pray for good fortunes. They go to the Shinto Shrines for happy occasions and to the Buddhist temple for sad occasions.

The architecture was fabulous. A Japanese garden needs only trees, rocks and water to be complete.

The simple to the complex toilets.

The slipper is ubiquitous.

Plastic food in the display cases to draw a potential customer inside the restaurant.

The smile and a “hello” to the children or “konnichiwa” to an adult usually elicited a friendly encounter. The train conductor would bow going in and out of the car - how amazing is that. Bowing is like smiling - everyone is so polite.

I have very fond memories of all of the beautiful doors beyond which was another adventure waiting to be experienced.

Sidewalks, metro/train stations and malls all have the special tile for the blind. We only saw 3 blind people during the entire trip.