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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

Oct 3  Mike was able to drive down from Vail for a Brunch to celebrate Karen’s birthday and to hear about his new job. After brunch we played two sets of hand and foot canasta. The girls won both games which is very unusual - YEAH! Packing is complete and is easier when we can just throw things into the car for the drive. Karen has a new car and we have the 1998 Subaru with 181,000 miles.

Oct 5  The 604 mile drive to Kansas City MO was uneventful - thank goodness. Carol lives in a 1940 cozy home with Biddy the dog and Snickers the cat. Everyone is very friendly. We all got along swimmingly.

Oct 8 We strolled 7 blocks to the Country Club Plaza. The Plaza was designed as the nations first suburban shopping district in 1922. It’s an outdoor museum of romantic Spanish architecture and European art. Kansas City is also knows as the city of fountains. The water is dyed an electric blue which adds to their glamour.

Oct 9 Our errand for the day - buy a candy mold for making “fat bombs”. William Sonoma didn’t carry any but we found them at Sur La Table in the Country Club Plaza. Also found coffee extract as the coffee flavoring from Whole Foods was a big let down.

Oct 14 We had a wonderful trolley tour of Kansas City. Can’t remember all the information we were told. The one’s I do remember: the Kansas City Chief’s were named after the the major of the city whose nickname was “The Chief”; Missouri never enacted statewide prohibition hence all the taverns in town; The Kansas City Massacre changed the FBI by giving agents authority to carry guns and make arrests.

Oct 16 The Steamboat Arabia Museum was amazing. The steamboat sank in 1856. The Hawley family found the boat in a farmers corn field - the river bed had moved. The boat was 45 feet down covered in mud which preserved the pre-civil war merchandize. Button, beads, clothes, tools, canned food, shoes survived 132 years. It’s a wonderful insight into a 19th century WalMart. A must see!

Oct 19 I flew to Denver on an emergency visit to my mother whose health as taken a turn for the worse. Gary was in charge of the animals. I had to say goodbye to Kansas City.