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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

1/2/15  We arrived at the Taj Resort on Rebak Island, a private island, 7 minutes boat ride from Langkawi. When the airplane landed we were serenaded by the planes steward singing Fine Young Cannibals. Our first impression of the resort is mixed.  However we have a great view from the bedroom.

1/3/15  We walked around the resort. Ate some wonderful fish at a late lunch, drank a bottle of bubbly with that fish, and enjoyed the great view. Yes, things aren’t perfect (service is almost non-existent) here at the resort but this is Asia after all.

1/4/15  Another lazy day and the chef has cooked us a special fish dish (not on the menu), green curry and a lemon grass sauce dish. Both were so yummy. We couldn’t decide which one was the best.

1/5/15  I spent some time on the treadmill and then jumped into the pool to cool off. Gary joined me and we played catch for a while.

1/6/15  Rode a boat and taxi to Kuah Town and our apartment at Dayang Bay. It’s our first apartment with a kitchen (it only had a toaster oven) outside on the balcony. The view is great of all the boats at anchor in the bay from our room on the 4 floor. The hotel has an infinity pool which is very cool too.

1/7/15  We walked into town to check things out. Very little litter in the streets. Small shops and hotels of all sizes are everywhere however it doesn’t have a feel of a resort town.  People are very laid back. Selling tours wasn’t a high priority for the travel companies. We purchased a 5 hour tour for tomorrow. Dinner was at the Arabic restaurant on the hotel grounds. The food has been delicious.

1/8/15  The tour van never showed up and we called twice. We walked back to the vendor to get our money back. Spent the rest of the day in the pool, ate some chocolate ice cream and listened to a great Clancy book.

1/9/15  Hired a taxi for our tour of the island. We stopped at a waterfall, the black sand beach, the Langkawi Craft Complex, and had a terrific lunch at a restaurant on Cenang beach which is the true tourist center of the island. Lots to see and do if you want to be busy. We can now say we have seen Langkawi as we circled the entire island.

While at the waterfall I saw my first leech. The taxi driver pointed it out on the ground. He said there are different types and a person needs to check over his body like we do for ticks.

1/11/15 Our taxi driver drove us to the ferry terminal. We purchased our 2:30pm tickets to Penang and then caught another taxi to the Westin where we sat on the beach, walked out on the jetty and then had a nice lunch at the beach restaurant. The service was much better here! The 3 hour ferry trip was boring - similar to sitting on a plane but we arrived safely.