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Wanderlust Home & Pet Care 
Wanderlust Home & Pet Care

March 5 We checked into Puri Mas Boutique Resort and Spa in Lombok.  We were here for one week.

March 6 It had rained all day. We hung out at the restaurant with power for the computer, shelter from the rain and a view of the Indian Ocean. Some alcohol  may have been involved as well.

March 7 It was still raining so Gary told me to get a massage. Yay for me!  

March 8 We had a city tour of Mataram. We visited the local market - many food items. It was a very gritty and smelling of meat sitting out in the open. We stopped at a furniture factory where the furniture had intricate carvings and inlaid nautilus shell. A young lady showed us how she cut and glued in the shell. Then on to the Hindu Water Palace, Taman Mayura built in 1744. Pura Meru hindu temple was next. Pura Meru is the largest and second-most important Hindu temple on Lombok. Built in 1720, it’s dedicated to the Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The roof of the middle temple is made from the Palm tree - amazing. Lots of mopeds on the road - just like Vietnam. They weave in and out of the cars - crazy.

March 9 Time to get a haircut. I arranged to take the shuttle into Senggigi village, however a taxi is arranged for us instead in order for me to get a haircut. The first place is closed but the taxi driver knows of another place. It stank of cat piss but I did get a cut - not the best but my hair will grow out. The taxi driver then took us to a restaurant for lunch. It was a delicious ginger fish, spicy spinach and rice. I added onions and chilies to the rice. I was so glad they served papaya and water melon for lunch as my mouth was on fire!