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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

House sitting in Magnac Laval, France

4 different assignments

July, Sept., Oct. and Dec.

July 17 Hazel and David left for Lucca, Italy to attend a music festival. Gary & I were making friends with 4 active Springers. Ella, Rosie, Paddy and Blossom love to fetch the ball or walk in the nearby farmer’s field. I can tell my throwing arm will improve!!

Our assignments here in Magnac Laval will be 2 weeks in July, Sept, Oct and Dec. We should become good friends over the next 5 months.

We committed to the project of digging up the roses along the driveway. The roses weren’t doing that well so the job wasn’t terribly difficult. It gave me something to do each morning. The before and after picture.

Aug 27  We returned for another 2 week pet sit. The weather was very hot and everything was very dry. We attended a party with French and English residents. All the English are living in France full time. Two of the English couples had children attending french schools. It was interesting to learn that the older french couple (she was 86) didn’t get married. Their spouses from previous marriages had passed away. According to french law, the home of the wife would become the property of the husband. At his passing the property would go to HIS descendents and not to hers. Stupid Laws!

Aug 30 Gary was so good about playing ball with the dogs.

Sept 2  The weather has cooled down but the dogs love their swimming pool after their walk.

Sept 8 We were getting ready to leave for Italy with Diana and Ron and then on to Barcelona to pick up Karen. Can’t wait to see her. We will be back with the dogs in October.

December 16 This is all that is left of the chicken Gary boned and then stuffed. It will go into soup later on.

December 21  I have decorated a small christmas tree and also set up a few decorations around the dining/living room to make it festive. I will look forward to having Christmas in 2017 with family. I miss them all - including Craig, Karen new boyfriend.

December 29 The dogs  waited patiently for Gary to finish meditating. They have learned that when he comes down the stairs they get to to out and play. How’s that for Pavlov’s Theory!