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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

May 24 Traffic was terrible around Dubrovnik and all the way to Montenegro. As we got to a large inlet, I looked for a bridge because  the GPS said to go over the water. We realized way to late that the GPS wanted us to take the ferry to the other side. I was confused because the road sign says we could continue to follow the inlet to Kotor. Which way should we go? The GPS said “ferry”, so we used the ferry. We did not go to an ATM hoping we could just use a credit card for the one week we were in Montenegro. The ticket lady wanted Euros. Oh my gosh, where did we pack the Euros? I threw  stuff out of the suitcase because the money purse was on the bottom. Euros were not with the US money. I suddenly remembered - Gary’s pouch on his back pack!- Yeah - we found what little we had left. The ferry did not leave until it was full.  Thankfully it was only a 15 minute wait. We were able to sit quietly and bring our heart rates back to a normal pace.  The traffic continued to be awful, through a tunnel, and into the city traffic of Kotor. I was a little disillusioned.  Kotor didn’t have the charm that all other UNESCO sites have had. Was it the cloudy sky, was it the traffic or being focused on the GPS?  I have since read that Kotor might loose their UNESCO status.  

Our arrival at the GPS coordinates was not without drama. I walked up and down the busy street looking for 117. I got out the computer and reread the instructions when a nice man offered to help. The house number was 12 feet up the side of the house at the corner, not anywhere near the door! Well, we made it at last!!! Lunch was just down the street at a Greek restaurant. The meal was delicious, but my G&T was weak, and the rose wine didn’t have much flavor. This day definitely wasn’t one of our better days.

May 25 It wasn’t a day for sightseeing. Groceries and a much needed haircut were the priorities. Didn’t have to walk far for either.

May 27 We drove to the small town of Sveti Stefan mentioned in our welcome packet. It looked so charming. We got to the bridge and a guard came up to say we must pay 20 euros for a tour of the hotel. “The whole island is a hotel?” I was flabbergasted. We walked back up the hill and I selected Perast for the next GPS destination. What a pleasant village on Kotor Bay. After walking to it’s end we selected a place to have pizza - major cheat!  The hostess said the pizza was delicious. We were the only guests. We had 2 very enjoyable waitresses that were just learning the trade. Perast more than made up for the bummer morning.

May 28 It was just a short walk into the city of Kotor. It was first mentioned in 168 BC by the Romans. The city has long been an important port, but it was the four centuries of Venetian dominance that contributed to to be nominated a UNESCO site. Yes, cruise ships spew out their guests, but I must eat my words, Kotor is an attractive city, sitting on the banks of a beautiful bay.

May 30 The other end of the Bay needed investigating. The small villages along the Bay were not very interesting but that didn’t detract from the mountains spilling into the blue water.

May 31 Our last night in Montenegro. I had seen postcards of Kotor at night and noticed that the fortification walls were lit. I thought I would reproduce my own postcard. The point and shoot camera didn’t do too bad a job. One month in Split - Yeah!