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Mt Fuji

September 30, 2014  We had to set the alarm to allow enough time to commute on the train to our tour bus location by 8:20 am. It was a two hour bus ride to Mt Fuji. We were very lucky - the clouds had not hidden the mountain from our view so we could actually see the cone shape of the mountain. We stopped at station 1 (at the base) & station 5 (2300 meters or 7545 feet). The mountain is important for religious reasons and many Japanese have hiked to the top. We purchase a small box of Wasabi Kit Kats (sweet with a little bite at the finish) at one of the many souvenir stores. I won’t be buying these again.

Next stop is Oshino Hakkai. Snow melt that has sunk into the ground over long years sees daylight again here in the form of 8 pristine fresh water springs. This was touristy but you buy your ticket and take your chances.

After our lunch of noodles in a broth, rice, 1 tempura shrimp & 1 small fish we stopped at Shiraito Falls. This picturesque 65 feet tall, but more importantly 2+ football fields wide waterfall is fed by snow melt flowing down from Mt. Fuji. It was so green! Gary bought a wasabi ice cream cone which definitely had a kick to it.

Final stop was  Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine.  Originally built over 1000 years ago for praying for protection from volcanic eruptions, it has become the region's most important shrine. Only 3 of the original structures survived the many earthquakes. I looked up news about earthquakes in Japan. It seems somewhere in the country there is an earthquake every other day. Sumiko is very afraid of what might happen if an earthquake hits Tokyo. I can see why with all the trains running underground.