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Sept 30 After a big breakfast at the Legendha Sukhothai resort, we walked to the Sukhothai Historical Park. Luckily there was a tram that took us to the different Wats located within the old city walls. This park has been designated UNESCO. Sukhothai mean dawn of happiness was the captial of Thailand in the 13th and 14th centuries which historians believe was the beginning of what we know today as Thailand. It was a very hot day so glad to get back to gin and tonics.

Oct 1  Wat Chang Lom was directly behind our hotel so a very short walk. Most of the Chang (elephant) were in poor shape but there were a few that had been reconstructed. Based on archeological drawing, the elephants would have been protected by the building surrounding the chedi. Of course only the pillars for those building remain.

That afternoon we walked to the above Wat surrounded by a moat. Before we got to the Wat, we wandered through the village market. The fresh vegetables looked great. Most of the raw pork and chicken were NOT sitting on ice. Are we too worried about bacteria??? I purchased a package of sesame seed/peanut/carmel bars which aren’t bad but I think they were factory made.

The Wat was tiny. The sign said the monks stand on the bridge for their morning alms. I wonder…It was a nice way to get some exercise.