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October 22, 2014  Getting to the Namba Oriental Hotel was challenging. We left the Gakuemmae station and headed to Nara. In Nara we walked about 15 minutes to the JR Train line. We purchased the JR pass before leaving the USA and want to make the most of the pass. Once on the train I notice that there isn’t any English. Information had given me the symbol for the station where we needed to change trains. Certain symbols kept appearing in the announcement box which I figured to be “next station is”. I kept comparing the written symbols to the symbols to those in the box. All of a sudden the symbols seems to match. We collected our luggage and waited. Luckily a woman in the seat across the aisle said I was correct, the next station was Kyuhoji.  At the station I think I locate the correct platform but check with one of the helpers - AOK. The Osaka-Namba station is a huge station containing 3 subway stations and an underground mall. Luckily the hotel had great directions on their web site so after a 15 minute walk we entered the hotel.

This is the night view of the street where the hotel was located. I had visual overload with all the lights, banners, crowds. The hotel was certainly located in a BUSY part of the city.

To end the tour we sat on the Okawa River Cruise boat for an hour of sightseeing.

September 23, 2014  1-Day Osaka Walking Tour

Floating Garden Observatory isn’t a garden at all - very misleading if you aren’t Japanese. The open-air Observatory overlooks the city of Osaka, Awaji Island and Mt. Ikoma. The city is huge 14 million people but compared to Tokyo - 32 million less than half the size. Cruising. The round hole in the top of the building is the observatory. Can you see the reflection of the sky in the mirrored glass?

The afternoon we walked to Osaka Castle. The castle is one of Japan's most famous and it played a major role in the unification of Japan during the sixteenth century.  Archeology work is underway to find the original foundations of the castle built in 1583.