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Wanderlust Home & Pet Care

It was great to see everyone having a fun evening. We watched the sun set behind the Sierra Madre Mtns. A great ending to the day.

April 6 Botanical Gardens

Finding the location of the bus stop to the gardens was easy. The bus however, only comes every 30 minutes so we had a bit of a wait.

It was a long bus ride to the gardens but worth all the effort. The gardens have several open air building with all types of vegetation. There even is a small chapel. Gary & I shared a flank steak quesadilla which was delicious. We waited awhile for the return bus and then decided to take a taxi back to downtown. We walked from Playa Los Muertos to Florios’ restaurant. This restaurant was recommended by our PV101 guide. The pizza was excellent. I think we will be back to try their other items - STEAK!

April 8 Two day tour to Guadalajara with two other couples. Sometimes things just fall into place! I had been trying to purchase bus tickets to Guadalajara but the web site just wouldn’t accept the credit card. We were passing a tour operator in the marina and he said he had a tour to Guadalajara with just one overnight stay. Mine would have been four. I said I would have to compare prices. As we were leaving, two couples came up and heard we were thinking of going and they wanted to join us. The Korean lady even bargained the price down by $50/ person now that we were six people. Yeah!

Day one began at 5 am. We stopped for breakfast at a road side stand. Soups and stews were on offer along with hot sweet drinks and homemade corn tortillas. Our first activity was a guided tour of the archeological site Guachimontones, a complex society that existed from as early as 300 BCE until perhaps 900 CE.

Our next stop was the second largest city in Mexico, Guadalajara. We had lunch in the main plaza and then a horse and carriage ride of the old town.

I was very impressed as the ride took about 30 minutes. Picture taking was limited while on a bumpy carriage and cobbled stone streets.

Our last activity was a drive to Lake Chapala and the town of Ajijic. We parked at a restaurant on the boardwalk and went in for cocktails. A band was playing and people were dancing. What Fun! Gary & I left the group to walk the area. Because it was Sunday night, families were walking, singing, children flying kites or riding miniature roller coasters, carousels or real ponies.

April 9 Our first activity was sampling the local tequila at the Tres Mujeres (3 Women) distillery. Gary bought a 5 liter plastic container of tequila for $20 US. Margaritas here we come!

We made another stop for local tequila before our visit to the town of Tequila. This would have been another good place for an overnight stay as the town was very cute. We didn’t have time for the museum, just a quick photo opportunity of the town Plaza & streets.  

We ended the tour with a stop at Ixtlan del Rio archeological site. From about 2000 BCE up to 1500 CE, an amazing occupation of early American settlers with a culture that perceived the sea as merciful and stormy God. The site is an example of Meso-American pre-Hispanic development in México.

Unfortunately, the site was closed for a murder investigation. A recently dead body and long ago dead bodies in the same place. Would make a good story! We were able to enter a tomb on the property with the bones and offering on display. This made up for not seeing the ruins.

It was a long two days but very enjoyable. I am glad we went on the tour

April 16 Re-do of Gary’s birthday dinner. We thought Florios would be a good place for Gary’s birthday dinner on the 14th but the steak arrived medium instead of rare so…. We arrived at Prime at 5pm. They were having a 2 for 1 on drinks. Great start to the evening. A waiter brought around the different cuts of steak - nice and thick. Another thumbs up. Dinner was delicious and the wine was very good. Well worth the big bucks.

April 17 One of walking areas is the Marina. I remembered the camera and Mr Crocodile was waiting to have his picture taken. There are 2 smaller crocodiles in the marina. The fishing must be good!

April 22 Sunday mornings I give Gary a break from cooking. I was in the mood for pizza. I tried a new recipe for the dough and we thought it was delicious. We do not have a rolling pin at the apartment so the wine bottle served two purposes: rolling pin and our beverage with the pizza. Yeah!

April 23 A two bus adventure to Boca Tomatlan, a fishing village south of PV. The village seems dependent on tourist and supplies which need to be transported by boat to Yelapa Beach. We will save Yelapa for another adventure. Our lunch was located right on the beach under a palapa roof with a wonderful breeze off the water.  We chose the house speciality - red snapper marinated and then grilled in the butterfly style. This took one hour so while we waited we had beers, margaritas and nachos. Because we had to transfer to our local bus in the Romantic Zone, we stopped at Monzon. Gary had his locally crafted IPA!

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