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Wanderlust Home & Pet Care

July 6  Jumped off the bus before the river bridge. We stopped at a bar and had  2 for 1 beers and tequila. I ordered Centenario tequila which was very smooth. Our July 4th celebration at Bravos Restaurant was excellent even thought we didn’t have fireworks. The food was so good we may come back for the lamb shank. We had the Bang Bang shrimp, a pecan and apple salad, Bourbon BBQ ribs and a Chocolate Velvet cake. Thank goodness we shared everything and we still took home food.

July 10 Typically the rainfall has been during the bedtime hours.  It was cloudy when I got out of bed. When I opened the drapes to the balcony. I could see a storm far out to sea with plenty of lighting. Two hours later the wind was really blowing and it was raining very hard. Glad we decided to postpone the walk to the grocery store.

July 11 2:30pm. Just completed an almost 72 hour fast. We both felt so much better. Now we need to stay on our Keto diet and eat the remaining food we have in the apartment. I can’t believe we leave in 29 days.

July 15 Mike sent a photo of the clematis vine at the Avon house. Looking good, however the other plant didn’t make it.

July 18 Had a very nice dinner at Azafran downtown PV. Coming back to the apartment on the bus, I saw this huge glowing orb in the sky. I grabbed the camera and walked to the beach for this lovely sunset.

July 23 All food was frozen so we walked to the Marina for a late lunch at La Paloma  which means the Dove. We sat in the ac part of the restaurant as it was very muggy. We had the Mexican Plate for 2. Everything was delicious except the flank steak pieces - very tough.

July 24 We have been walking every morning and have noticed More vehicles including vans for touring. There has also been more security including the military ships (see photo) so I googled the Mexican news:  

Due to the XIII Presidential Summit of the Pacific Alliance that will begin today, Puerto Vallarta has installed maximum security with the Presidential Staff, together with the Navy, the Mexican Army, and the Federal Police, for the safety of attendees.

The Mexican security institutions have been touring the streets of the city for several days to make sure that the presidents and their respective cabinets, as well as several businessmen, from Chile, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay remain safe.

July 26 Our last expat event was dinner at Buenos Aires restaurant in the Marina. We’ve met lots of nice people. I will continue to get the expat emails for when we come back in 2020.