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Wanderlust Home & Pet Care 
Wanderlust Home & Pet Care

June 2  I flew back to the USA with Karen and Craig. The next day I borrowed their car and went to Kohl’s and Kroger to pick up a few things. That evening we had an early 16 birthday dinner For Cole. Next morning, up early to be at the hospital for Karen’s hysterectomy. Surgery was a success! Karen was home June 5. And each day she was getting stronger and stronger. I flew back to PV June 6. I couldn’t get a taxi for 100 pesos so I started to walk back to the apartment. I did come across a taxi near the grocery store which saved me the full walk on a muggy day. Glad to be back with my honey!

June 13 We took the bus to downtown and we were serenaded by a gentleman with his guitar. We walk from the end of the bus line to the Los Muertos Pier in order to get to Archie’s Wok. Arch was John Huston’s chef. For the younger crowd, John Huston directed Night of the Iguana which put Puerto Vallarta on the map. Gary and I had a most delicious meal. We would definitely come back!

June 20  The bus into town was hot but at least we had some cloud cover. With a short walk we found the restaurant Barcelona Tapas. The restaurant was on the 3rd floor. I had to rest on the second floor due to the heat. Met the owner who said he is putting in an elevator. The view was terrific and so was the food. Afterwards, it was a walk along the malecon.

June 26  Expat  dinner at El Andariego in an area north of the malecon and south of the hotel area.  Good Mexican food. Glad the restaurant was air conditioned. The weather is warm and humid.  After dinner,  walked to the malecon to see what was going on. I had my picture with a statue and then sat to watch  ?Indigenous? Dancers.

June 29  Most of our activities in June & July were about eating out. We’ve seen everything I wanted to see. Getting out of the house (besides walking for exercise or to get to the grocery store) is a welcomed change of pace, even if it is warm. The above was our seafood platter at Roberto’s.

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