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Wanderlust Home & Pet Care

May 3 Expat pizza night at Los Muertos in the Romantic Zona. It was a nice evening of meeting new people and unlimited pizza. It was a warm evening so when we got back to the apartment we jumped into our swimming suits and watched the stars come out as we floated along.

May 5 Cinco de Mayo is a minor holiday - one small battle won by the Mexicans against the French. We waited 1 hr and 9 minutes for the Marina bus to come around - UGH! We wanted to get some some Asian vegetables but the Olas Atlas Saturday market is either gone for the season or moved someplace else. Then I forgot to bring the directions to Jorge’s Hideaway so we settled for Blue Shrimp. The food was just average. Sitting on the beach was very special - I just hated all the vendors even with a “no gracias” sign next to our table. Came home and jumped into the pool. It wasn’t as refreshing as I thought it would be. It was Hot!

May 6 Tour to San Sebastian del Oeste. This village was heavy into silver mining in the late 1700’s. It was difficult to get to until a bridge was built which allowed tourists to visit a colonial Spanish town. Not much to the town: church, cobbled stone streets, Jail, central plaza, a silver jewelry store and a coffee store where you can see the coffee plants and the machinery. There was also a tequila hacienda where it’s possible to see the tequila making process, taste and purchase different tequilas. It is located on the outskirts of the city. I bought a bottle of Almond tequila which tastes like Amaretto.  We had a delicious lunch which was the best thing about the trip.

May 12 I went to the annual HOA meeting for the time share. Very perdictable except for the fact that that close to 200 owners attended the event. As I was walking home from the bus, I passed the tiled walled. I had my camera this time!

May 12 A 6 course meal at El Arrayan restaurant prepared by 3 chefs from Mexico City. The food was delicious! After dinner we walked over to the malecon which was full of activities making for an end of a great evening.

May 23 Our trip to San Blas began with a boat trip in La Tovara National Park. We entered tunnels of mangroves which turned into channels of ferns and what looks to be papyrus. The ride ends at the beginning of the natural spring which feeds the lagoon.  

Next we were at the ruins of the Contaduria Fort and church. San Blas was one of the most important ports in “New Spain”. In 1768, it was the last port before heading to the Far East to defend the Spanish colonies.

Finally, another boat ride to the island of Mexcaltitlan. This island is thought to be the start of the pilgrimage and founding of the Aztecs at Tenochtitlan in Mexico City. Ancient writing/symbols were discovered and the picture above is a replica. We had a so-so lunch and then the long drive back to PV.

It was a wonderful day!!!

May 26  Craig and Karen have arrived in PV. We met them for dinner at Paradise Village and had a very good meal. It was great to catch up.

May 29 Scuba It was Karen’s first experience to scuba dive. Jamie, Karen’s classmate from CU is teaching/dive master in PV. The exercise with the equipment might have been a little nerve wracking but Karen did an excellent job getting down and staying down for 30 minutes. I saw lots of fish while snorkeling at Islas Marietas National Park but the park is also home to a few thousand birds including the blue footed booby. After the dive we ate at Rocio (meaning “dew”). I had the garlic shrimp and Gary had Diablo shrimp. Yum.

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