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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

Sept 12 No problemo getting to Progreso and we were met at the airport by Carreen & Steve. It is still very hot and I think we made a mistake thinking it would be cooler since we don’t have AC. We will survive! The house has a wonderful dipping pool which I’m sure we will use frequently. The stove and the oven are in the outside kitchen while the frig is inside. Good way to keep the heat from cooking out of the house. We will walk the 2 dogs twice a day on the beach which is a block away. Oh what a tough life.

Sept 14  Dentist appointment for a teeth cleaning was quick, easy and painless, all for 500 pesos or $30.17. I rode the bike over and back. The ride back was a killer in noon day sun. Relaxed in the pool and under the pallapa admiring the nice garden area.

Sept 15 On our initial run to the grocery store we bought what we thought was limes. Turned out it was sour oranges. Gary found a very delicious recipe using sour oranges and chicken - yummy. The recipe is a keeper! Afterwards, Gary and Sid just chilled.

Sept 17 It was so hot, I was in the pool 3 times throughout the day. First thing in the morning, the water was very refreshing especially after walking a couple of blocks to the laundry. It took me several minutes to get my whole body into the water as I am still getting use to the temperature of the water since it isn’t a heated pool. Once the sun’s rays have hit the water, the pool is close to being bath water and I just hopped right in. The pool is sheltered from the afternoon rays which helps to cool down the water.

Sept 16 The cleaning lady comes every Wednesday from 7:30 to 5:00. She is paid 300 pesos which is about $19 for a full day of work. We decided to walk into town and have lunch. The walk in the noon day sun was hot so we kept to the beach where we had the a breeze. We took a taxi back to the house - money well spent!

Sept 19 We decided to eat out for dinner at a near by Italian restaurant. We sat outside on the deck which looked out on the beach and the Gulf of Mexico. The Pinot Gris was delicious and paired nicely with Gary’s fish and my shrimp with bacon entree. We had a lovely evening watching the sunset.

Sept 21 Time to make a trip into to town on the local bus and buy some groceries. Gary flagged down the bus and off we went. We went to the large grocery store to purchase cream. It is sold in retort packaging - interesting.  The mercado had all the vegetables we needed. We were the only Caucasians in the market.  A young lady weighs the all the vegetables and then hands us a piece of paper with the price. We take the paper to the register and pay another lady. We then could pick up our vegetables. No Problemo. The bus stop is right outside the mercado - easy peasey.

Cleaning Day    We walked into town and had a nice lunch at Flamingos. Even though it was hot we decided to walk back home, again along the beach to keep as cool as possible. As soon as the cleaning lady left, we jumped into the pool and listened to Harry Dresden battle the Red Court (vampires). It is a series we really enjoy hearing written by Jim Butcher.

This is our first experience house sitting an Ewok. You just don’t find many inhabiting this planet. HA HA

Sept 25  The outside kitchen was useless during a rain storm that came in just before dinner time. Gary tried to steam the cauliflower but he couldn’t find a dry place to stand. Gave up on the cauliflower. Cheese and sausage was the evening’s entree. The rain did cool down the temp for sleeping - Yeah!

Sept 27  The alarm went off at 6:30 am, walked 3 blocks and caught the combi (small bus) into town. The Merida bus left at 7:40 and we were waiting for Maureen at the Liverpool Mall at 8 am. UNESCO’s archeological site Uxmal was the main event. The ruins of the ceremonial structures at Uxmal represent the pinnacle of late Maya art and architecture in their design, layout and ornamentation. The city flourished from 700 A.D. To 1000 A.D. with 25,000 people. It was a beautiful site and I’m so glad we had a chance to see it.

The afternoon was spent at the Chocolate Museum. Some Facts: Hot Chocolate was served to the high officials of the Mayan cities; The bean was valuable and used as offering to the gods; Mexican chocolate is not fermented and therefore does not have the rich flavor associated with European Chocolate; Chocolate originated from Mexico and Central America and was exported around the world. I really enjoyed the museum and we were even blessed by a Mayan Shaman!