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Wanderlust Home & Pet Care

Sept 3-4 We had a 15 minute wait for the Uber from the airport late at night but found the large AirBnB. Lyft hasn’t made it to Quebec yet.  

We followed the directions to get from the apartment to the Old City. A whole lot of stairs! Our first activity was a breakfast crepe - very yummy. We walked the city and found the hotel where we stayed some 25 years ago (see above). It was a glorious day and the St. Lawrence River looked beautiful. Stopped for alcohol. Each province controls alcohol kind of like the States in the USA.

We also found the grocery store and the bus stops. Too many stairs use up energy for other activities. Need a better way to get to the Old Town.

Sept 5 The Bridgeman’s arrived last night. Today is the #1 bus to the oldest part of the city near the river. It was a much more touristy area than I remember from 25 years ago. The city is repairing the old city gates. We took a tour of the city’s fortifications with the Park Service.

Sept 6 Heidi and Steve spent the morning at the Bike race that was in town. In the afternoon we took the #800 bus to the end of the route to see Montmorency Falls.

Sept 7 The 4 of us took the #800 bus in the other direction. We hopped of at St Jean’s Gate. Gary & I took the Bridgemans back to the creperie restaurant for another delicious breakfast crepe. We then signed up for the Park Service tour of the remains of the original fort. Fascinating tour of life 400 years ago. That evening we celebrated Heidi’s birthday at Chez Rioux and Pettigrew. Great Dinner!!

Sept 8 - 11 We drove back to Maine with the Bridgemans. It was nice to see the countryside of Canada and Maine. We had a lovely dinner at the Waterfront Restaurant in Camden. Due to rain and the many phone calls regarding Dad in the rehab facility, we didn’t do a lot of sightseeing. It was still great to be together!!!