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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

4/5/15  3 hour taxi ride from Bangkok to Rayong. The apartment is located on a long beach south of Rayong in a very quiet are, only a few restaurants and condos. The condo is very comfortable - we actually have two lazy boys for TV viewing. It also has a huge balcony. There always seems to be a breeze which makes sitting outside very comfortable while listening to the crashing of the waves or a book on tape. Our lunch was provided for us by the owner - delicious.

4/6/15 Morning walk on the beach and our return on the street to check out the restaurants/businesses.

4/7/15 We request a taxi to take us to Tesco for groceries. When we get there we discover the driver must leave right away for Bangkok. We wait while he arranges for another taxi to pick us up. Well… he never shows. Gary finds a guy who gets another guy who finds a guy with a tuk tuk that took us back to the apartment. Whew!

4/10/15  The owner of the apartment has arranged for a driver to pick us up and take us to Pattaya, a large resort city. Our first stop is Mini Siam. We are totally unsure of the attraction as the outside looks like a strip mall with go carts across the way. Once we are in, I was delighted to find famous building and monuments but all in miniature. The front area had items from around the world. The back part had important Wats, monuments and building from around Thailand. It was interesting that the international airport, train station and first insurance building were part of the items on display.

Our second stop was the Sanctuary of Truth. Words or pictures can not describe the beauty and craftsmanship of the wooden structure. It was started in 1981. All wood is teak and is carved according to images preserved in Thai history. The building pays homage to the relationship between humans and the universe. The tallest spire is equal to a 20 storey building. The building is still under construction hence the hard hats. I was truly amazed!  Lunch was at the Central Festival Mall at the Zen restaurant. My Benito box was delicious. The mall had a Tops grocery store so we picked up a few things to tide us over until the cruise.

4/12/15 Took a two hour walk on the beach. Met a lovely Thai couple in the pool. They invited us on a road trip 4/13/15 - should be interesting. We spent the rest of the day on the deck listening to a book. The sky opened up twice and it rained cats and dogs. It didn’t get cooler until the end of the second storm. The thunder made us jump out of our chairs several times. I think I may have even screamed once.

4/13/15 A, her sister O, and her husband Sak are such lovely people. We chatted about many things. I continue to be amazed how “good luck” is very prominent in the Thai’s life. I always wondered why the baby finger nail is so long. It’s good luck if the baby finger is at least as long as the end knuckle on the ring finger, therefore a long fingernail takes care of this problem - interesting. (I bet you are checking your own fingers right now).  We drove to a beautiful overlook, Noen Nangphaya and the largest catholic church in Thailand built in 1909. We are now friends on Facebook - yeah.

4/14/15 Happy Birthday Gary! This is our final day in Rayong. The ten days went quickly. I loved the fact that the wind blew much of the time - it made the temperature more pleasant. Tomorrow the cruise - Yeah!