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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

San Francisco

December 5:  We have another nice breakfast at Cibo’s and linger over a second cup of coffee. I have a 10 am chiropractic appointment. The 12 hour flight was the straw that broke the camel’s back or should I say my back. The children need to catch the 11 am ferry in order to make their flight home. I send Gary to the bank to get money for our cruise tours. I have organized 4 different tours. We will save money by not going on a Princess organized tour. Cruise check-in is very crowded but the line moves quickly. Our dinner table mates are from Utah and North Carolina. The ship is one hour late leaving San Fran so it’s too dark for pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge. Better Luck Next Time.

December 4:  We catch the 7 am ferry to the city then hop on the cable car down to Fisherman’s Wharf in order to collect our tour bus to the wine country. Our first winery is Nicholson. This is my favorite of the 3 wineries we visit. They had a very nice Pinot Noir I would like to try again. We had a very nice lunch in Yountville. I would have liked to have spent more time there. That will be a “To Do” for next time. We visited Sutter’s Home winery which was my least favorite. In fact I avoid buying that wine. Oh Well. It was a great day with the children. Mike’s first time in the wine country.

The boys beat the girls in Hand and Foot.

December 3:  The four of us have a late but nice breakfast a few blocks from the hotel. Because Karen will be taking our hiking boots (I don’t intend to run into any snow) we need to replace them with tennis shoes. We hop on the #22 bus to the shopping center at Marin City. Ross, dress for less, has our shoes and CVS has our scotch for our cocktail hour. A successful morning. The afternoon is spent walking around Sausalito. We have dinner at Scoma’s which we have been to several times before. It is consistently good. Then back to the hotel so the girls can continue to beat the pants off the boys in Hand and Foot.

December 2:   Gary & I take different flights from Auckland to San Francisco using Visa and American Express points. Economy class sucks when it’s a 13 non-stop hour trip. I am the last to arrive after a bumpy ride and then delays due to weather. Economy class is further delayed by having a sick passenger removed first from the area. Passport control is a mad house. Again, due to the weather several planes have landed at once so it is “A Day At Disneyland”.  The Bart train drops me at the Powell St. Station. I find my way to the children’s hotel and there in the bar are Mike, Karen, and Gary.  It is soooooo good to see them. Gary and I have lunch and then it’s off to the ferry building. Karen & I purchase some things to snack on for dinner in the room. It will be an early evening for Gary and me. The Sausalito Ferry provides us with some sunset pictures of San Fran and the Bay. Hand and Foot Canasta is the entertainment after a long day of travel.