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San Juan Islands

August 29, 2014 - Up early to catch the Bellaire Shuttle from the Seattle Convention Center to Anacortes, Wa. The ferry ride to Friday Harbor, San Juan was so relaxing. It reminded my of a river cruise with the land slowly passing by.

We rented a car to see 3 of the islands. We immediately set out to explore San Juan. The San Juan Islands was involved in a confrontation in 1859 between the United States and the British Empire over the ownership of the Islands called the Pig War. Long story and I won’t go into it here, you’ll just have to come here and get the story yourself.  This is the only case of international arbitration, with Kaiser Wilhelm I of Germany chosen to act as arbitrator. Yeah we won!!  You can still see the location of the American & British camps.

We made it around the island in half a day - good thing since that’s all the time we had. Note to bikers, these islands are a bikers dream especially Lopez which is the flattish island. Another bottle of wine with a late lunch over looking the Roche Harbor. We are soooo spoiled.

August 30, 2014 - Orcas Island. The inter-island ferry leaves at 8:30 am, first stop is Orcas Island the largest island in the shape of a horse shoe. This island had a varied terrain with it’s main city at the top of the horse shoe. We visited a pottery shop, something I haven’t done for years and a brewery for lunch. After lunch was the Moran State Park & Mansion.  We also enjoyed fresh off the cane blackberries but these were free!

August 31, 2014 - Lopez Island. Again catching the 8:30 am ferry but Lopez is the third stop so we didn’t disembark until about 10:15 am and it’s an early return due to the fact that today is a Sunday so the 3:30 ferry isn’t working. Luckily there aren’t as many stops to make on this island. This is a popular biking island.

I have always wanted to visit these island. I can now cross this off the bucket list. If I had it to do over again, I would have stayed on San Juan first then visited and stayed on Orcas Island and finally stayed on Lopez Island. We felt rushed to get back for each of the afternoon ferries.  There were some cute B&Bs on the outer islands so I could have spread my money around.

September 1, 2014 - We have turned in the car and are now using foot power. We happen upon The Wharfside Bed & Breakfast in the Friday Harbor.  You stay in an old Tuna boat - an unusual B&B.  I am so tired of fried food I could scream when we happen upon an Italian restaurant.  Our early dinner with wine of course, was excellent.  Tomorrow is Canada!

Wharfside B&B