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Wanderlust Home & Pet Care 
Wanderlust Home & Pet Care

May 24  After deplaning, we headed straight for the MRT subway station at the airport and purchased the reloadable MRT card.

We got the help of a nice lady who’s job was directing people to a taxi. As we drove to the apartment I was amazed by the beautiful trees lining the avenue. The trees looked like they have been there for 100 years. The driver was kind enough to phone the building manager - do we need to buy a phone? Our apartment was very nice but Gary was challenged with only one stir fry pan and hot plate to cook our meals.

We walked the main street - Geylang, and found dinner close by. We had a white pepper crab, garlic clams, fried noodles with scrambled eggs and an amazing ice plant salad. The total bill in USD was $112 but it was delicious even thought we sat on stools.  

After dinner we found a small grocery store and picked up breakfast, snacks and drinks.

May 25    The building manager left us a map for getting to the MRT station. It worked out perfectly and zoomed along to the India precinct. The Hindu temples were amazing and I was so glad that the older architecture was still around nestled in between the tall skyscrapers. We were trying to find a bar to have Gin & Tonics to replenish our bodily fluids when we came upon the Albert Mall which had a fair like atmosphere with people selling food and crafts. Lunch was at 25 degrees - a more western restaurant. Hamburgers were the special but it wasn’t a USA burger! Alcohol was expensive - $16 for a beer or my mojito.

May 26 Relaxed except for the walk up Geylang to a food court. You see these everywhere and they provide cheap and delicious food. We ordered from a Vietnamese stall. I thought the egg rolls would be vegetarian but it was filled either with tofu or meat. Also ordered chicken wings and a noodle dish. Delicious!

May 27  We chose to visit the Marina Sands Hotel - owned by the Las Vegas Sands. It was $40S for the 2 of us to ride the elevator to the 56th floor to see the view and what a view it was. We then decided to visit Gardens by the Bay. We must come back to visit the conservatories and take the skywalk between the SuperTrees. It was more humid due to the storm that rolled in.

May 28  Our house sitting host gave me the name of a nearby grocery store that would have Swiss cheese so we walked to the Kinex mall. Sure enough, Cold Storage had Swiss cheese! Of course we bought other items and we PAID for those items too. Singapore is a great city for vegetarians which we aren’t! We also like BACON!

May 29  Several days ago we met an Austrian at the hardware store. We needed another adapter to fit British electrical outlets. We traded information and we had lunch with him. Alexander took us to a 2016 Michelin star street food hawker. I had a fried tofu dish with a spicy peanut sauce and it was the best tofu I've ever had. We then walked to his apartment for the view and cake on his balcony.

May 30  I decided that the Malay precinct was the tour area for sightseeing today. Unfortunately, we missed the English tour so will have to come back another time to The Malay Heritage Center. Ramadan, the Muslim fasting month, continues until June 2nd so the food bazaar didn't get underway until sunset.  We went back to our apartment as Gary found a Malay chicken recipe and the chicken needed to be cooked.

It was delicious.

June 1  Today we walked along the Singapore river. I love the trees that are planted in parks and along the avenues. The trees are so Jurassic park looking with all the bromeliads growing on them. The symbol of Singapore - the Merlion was a very busy place. People were trying to position themselves to appear that the water was shooting into their mouths. Luckily we left the crowds behind rather quickly. Many tourist boats were on the river while we enjoyed the solitude of the boardwalk. Lunch was at a place at Clark's Quay. Another western lunch which was expensive - location, location, location.

June 10 We did a test walk in order to find the home where we would be house sitting. Google maps said it was 22 minutes away. It actually took 30 minutes. On the way back home we stopped at a mall and had a pretty good pizza. The owner was Muslim so the prosciutto was beef and the “wine” was grape juice.

June 11  The meeting for our house sit went well but the 1 bedroom apartment was full of clutter - we made it work.

June 14  The cleaning lady was cleaning the bedroom when we arrived for the house sit. We left the luggage and walked to the Cold Storage grocery store. Before shopping we had an early dinner at a Hong Kong restaurant. We had a delicious meal and noticed that they were advertising a special meal for Father’s Day. The cleaning lady was gone by the time we got back to the apartment. We left once more which allowed the homeowner to shower. As we walked the neighborhood, we came across a BBQ restaurant. I had a Margarita and Gary tried their IPA’s and the pork sliders. Good food and good people. The homeowners were getting into a taxi on our return. All night long the house smelled like cat pee. Should have thrown out the cat litter and replaced it as soon as we got there. Lesson learned.

June 16  Father’s Day meal was spent at the Hong Kong restaurant where we ate at a couple of days ago. One course was baby abalone. It was like chewing a rubber band. We also had carrot cake. No carrots in this course. It was made with grated daikon radish. The dish was considered good luck!

June 17  After a night of coughing, I went to the emergency room. I was diagnosed with bronchitis AGAIN. Bill for Dr, RX, blood draw and x-ray was $605 SD - expensive.

June 21  Our treat for the day was dinner at the BBQ restaurant. We shared a hamburger and baby back ribs. I even had a Manhattan! We learned that the dishes were rented and every night the dirty dishes are picked up and returned the next day clean. Cheaper than employing a person to do the job.

June 25  We are back to the Hong Kong restaurant to use our gift certificate. We try chicken feet and hog trotters. Lots of bones and not a lot of meat. Glad I tried them but won’t order them ever again.

We don’t do much sightseeing so I can get rid of the bronchitis. I do however walk to the Cold Storage grocery store in the Kinex building or for a meal at a restaurant.

July 1  We move to a hotel as our house sit is coming to a close. I have enjoyed Singapore. This would be a fun country to live in but the expense of housing and western food/booze knocks this off the list. I can always come back to visit!