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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

June 1  We must be more diligent in researching the car route instead of relying on the GPS or I should have relied on my instinct. The drive to Montenegro was along the coast. The drive from Montenegro diverted us high up into the Bosnian hills. The road was just as curvy to begin with but with far less traffic. This meant we had to go thru boarder control two extra times, one of which added 30 minutes to our schedule. To look on the positive side, I have seen the Bosnian coast and it’s mountains. Bosnia brings us to 85 countries/protectorates that we have visited. I still have many more countries to see!  This is a shot from our Lanai.  What a view!!!  

June 3 We drove to Split to return our rental car. We purchased ferry tickets to Hvar for June 6. We then  purchased 10 roundtrip bus tickets, (cheaper that way), and found the bus stop for the #60 bus back to the apartment. Done! The next couple of hours were spent visiting the UNESCO part of Split. The city was founded as the Greek colony in the 3rd or 2nd century BC. Diocletian's Palace was an ancient palace built for the Roman Emperor Diocletian at the turn of the fourth century AD, and forms about half the old town of Split. Over the centuries the locals made their homes and businesses within the palace basement and directly against the walls. I only climbed half way to the top of the bell tower. The step’s rise height seemed to be 14”. Thank goodness Gary and his camera made it all the way to the top.  He said it was like a fish swimming up stream against the two way traffic on a narrow staircase. Photo to the right is how the palace would have looked like when completed in 305 A.D.

June 4 We learned to walk in the morning when it is cooler. It is still too hot at 7:00 PM. We discovered cafes and restaurants to try but I don’t want to eat out too much here. We eat out when we go sightseeing. I want to look my best at the wedding!!!

June 6 The ferry ride to Hvar was 2 hrs long. Learned three things: We should have purchased the more expensive catamaran - (got there in half the time), Should have carried the tablet with us for some entertainment, and should have Researched which town to see. We survived! The ferry took us to Stari Grad. We could have taken the shuttle bus to Hvar town but I choose to stay in the sleepy village of Stari Grad.  We met a couple from Scotland. They indicated that Hvar town was beautiful. I enjoyed Stari Grad: very walk able, peaceful, and charming. To truly see the islands, I think it would be necessary  to stay overnight and rent some transportation.

June 9  After 2 bus rides (about 1 ½ hrs) we arrived in Trogir. The historic center of Trogir has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites for its Venetian architecture. Venetian rule lasted almost 4 centuries, then was ruled by the Hapsburg Empire. It was a wonderful place to visit even with all the tourist from the Celebrity cruise ship. We actually had a lovely conversation with some of the passengers during lunch. The grocery store was near the bus stop so we picked up a few necessities, then the long ride home. As we were sitting on the balcony we watched the cruise ship depart Split for its next destination.

June 11  As we began our walk, we noticed several young men blowing up large pieces of water playground equipment. By noon time all the pieces had been anchored to the sea floor right out in front of our apartment. It looked very fun but I wondered how hot the plastic would become sitting under the sun - OUCH!

June 16  The computer was sick and needed to go to the hospital. We were singing “You don’t know what you got til it’s gone” - we use the computer for the audio books, viewing entertainment after dinner and of course staying current with family, friends and the world news. The Asus tablet is a piece of $#&* and is only marginally good for playing games.

June 21 Summer Solstice - I had arranged for a guided tour of Salona, the ancient capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia. The ancient city could have had a population of 20,000. It was initially a Greek settlement and lasted until it was destroyed by marauding tribes of the Avars and the Slav in the 6th and 7th centuries. I am always amazed at the length and breadth of the Roman Empire.

June 23 Out the door at 9 AM and caught the bus into Split. We arrived too early for the next ferry to Brac so we checked out the Airport Shuttle bus. Oh Gee, I can’t believe we have been here almost a month. We sat at the Ferry Station cafe and ordered beer (pivo) and ginger ale. My small bottle of ginger ale from Berlin was more expensive than Gary’s ½ liter of beer. For the second round, I ordered tonic water - less sugar. As we sat on the ferry we realized we didn’t bring the camera. No big loss. The city of Supetar was small and not very interesting. We wanted fish for lunch but not all restaurants serve fish. A waiter recommended “Punta”, (see red arrow), which we later found out is an extension of the same “family” run business. We had to ask directions several times. Our fish lunch was served next to the water. We watched people enjoying different water toys. The ride back on the ferry went by quickly as we spoke with 2 very nice surveyors that had work in Brac. That evening we realized we both had sunburned faces from the reflection off the water while sitting under the umbrella at lunch. Note to self: don’t do this during the Maui wedding trip!!

June 24 The weather was so hot. Our daily one hour walks now depart between 7-7:30 am instead of 8:30 am.  Today we had to cool down in the Adriatic Sea. According to Gary, I torture myself by gradually getting used to the water. It was so cold it took my breath away and it felt like pins and needles!! I eventually got “numb” enough to swim around.