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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

State #7 Maryland

June 15:  Officially the Potomac River belongs to Maryland but we haven’t yet been to Maryland terra firma and this entry needs to go someplace.  Colonial Beach, Virginia is the town I wanted to see but couldn’t because the dinghy’s motor wouldn’t start. The dinghy’s motor works fine now and Colonial Beach was a good stopping point as it is located near the mouth of the Potomac.  We walked towards the beach where we saw many cars parked. The beach was busy with sun worshipers.  We enjoyed a nice lunch and then took a 25 cent ride on the town’s trolley. Three of the town’s elderly citizens were reminiscing about how the town use to look. You would have thought they were school kids the way they gabbed.

June 16:  Happy Father’s Day. Gary was chatting with a fellow boater in his dinghy.  He said he really wanted an Endeavor cat so we asked if he wanted to come aboard for a tour. His name is “PO” (not the next dragon warrior) from Hong Kong/Brazil/USA.  His office is near the Gang Plank in D.C.  After PO’s visit, Gary received a hair cut-not bad if I do say so myself.  We walked to Lenny’s for breakfast. It was very busy but good food. Gary ordered scrapple.  I know I’ve had scrapple but it probably was when I went back to Philly to meet his parents (over 40 years ago).   Colonial Beach was sponsoring a Antique Car Show for Father’s Day. There must have been 125 cars and we saw every one of them. By noon I am wilting. Gary suggests we have a margarita in the Maryland Casino located on the Virginia shore. Fluid replacement and AC all in one place.  We no more got back on the boat and the Virginia police asked us to move the boat closer to the channel markers. We were in the channel and with the weekend revilers he was afraid of an accident.  That done, we turned on the generator in order to crank on the AC. I’M MELTING.

June 17:  As we were making our way to the designated anchorage, we could see in the distance what we thought was a barge. It was definitely getting closer at a much faster pace than a barge can go. When I looked through the binoculars again, it wasn’t a barge but a hydrofoil.  As the 3 hydro foils passed by we could read the name US Navy on the side. They were scooting!

June 18:  We were eating breakfast in the cockpit when all of a sudden I heard the National Anthem. I wonder where the sound came from? We left the Potomac and head north in the Chesapeake. Storm clouds were behind us and finally caught up with us. Because we were so close to the turn into the Patuxent River, we decided to just coast and let the storm blow over. We docked at Zahniser’s Yachting Center on the Solomons Island (not the island of WWII fame). I sat for along time filling up the water tank. I’m not sure the gauge works correctly, I didn’t think we were that low on water. We walked into town and had a great lunch. We got back to the boat, hooked up to the internet and then it poured the rest of the afternoon.

June 19:  We spent a wonderful 2 hours at the Solomons Island Museum. It was very well organized, something for everyone- kids of all ages but it didn’t overwhelm. On the walk back to the marina we stopped at the C D Cafe and had a wonderful lunch.  I spent the afternoon plotting our next several port of calls. I need to insure availability at the marinas for the 4th of July weekend and our visit to Baltimore and Annapolis.

June 20:  Herrrington Harbor North in Herring Bay had room for us at the last minute. It is a huge operation with two marinas at two locations with a total of 1200 slips.  That’s a lot of boats. Can you imagine how much money is floating at these marinas? It had a pool, a playground for children, picnic tables at the end of each pier and brick walkways. Our dinner at the restaurant was very good. It was oyster night so Gary indulged.

June 21:  We needed diesel  and Annapolis had the cheapest on our way north. I found an anchorage at the very back of Back Creek. The further in we ran the more the creek smelled like a sewer-ugh! We drove on to the anchorage for tomorrow, Mill Creek.  What a lovely spot. Thee fish were a jumping, a deer was getting it’s supper and we think they were Kingfishers roosting on their piles.  I read somewhere that the Osprey were endangered. As we entered the Creek, I swear, there was an Osprey nesting on every channel marker.

June 22:  Motored a few minutes to Fairview Marina.  They offered to fix the electric and wiper.  Chief mechanic said only two of the three wires to the receptacle were marine grade.  Those two had tinned copper wire and certification numbers along the insulation. The white wire was a cheap twisted copper wire that corroded and caused the receptacle to fry along with the 50’ power cord.  He has the part on order.  Of course, he could not just replace the inside.  Only the whole unit is available.  It is cheaper to get new power cords than to solder new ends so I’ll get new cords.  John can put new ends on if he likes.  The white cord should be replaced on the boat but the electrician is also overbooked.  The mechanic looked at the wiper motor and said it was shot and could not be repaired.  Sounds like a $350 part plus labor. Boating is too expensive.

June 25:  We have cleaned the boat inside and outside.  The humidity level is awful. We have the air on all the time. I finally fell on the boat going down the steps into the bedroom suite. Thank goodness I was holding on to the roof. My bare right foot landed on bulkhead between the bedroom and hallway.  I now have a nice purple bruise.   For a late lunch we ran the dinghy over to Mike’s Crab House. They didn’t have a dinghy dock so I had to edge my butt up on the pier in order to stand. We had a great lunch. Because it was happy hour, Gary’s oysters were 50 cents a piece. But because it was our first time to the restaurant, the waiter brought the first 6 for free so Gary paid $3 for a dozen - what a deal especially when he loves the flavor of the Chesapeake oyster.

June 26:   The new  windshield wiper had a cheap ass motor even though it was the same model number.  The mechanic ordered the better model but we are here for another day.

June 27:  The replacement windshield wiper was installed during happy hour - oh well.

June 28:  It was a short run to Sue Creek Anchorage. I had a wonderful BBQ pork rib dinner and then we motored around the creek in the dinghy. A couple of other boater were taking advantage of the water to cool off. After putting the dinghy away, Gary jumped into the water too.  I, however, was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get my fat ass out of the water.

June 29:  We were on our way a little after 9 am.  Have I mentioned crab floats?  THEY ARE EVERYWHERE.  We are constantly trying to avoid them as we motor from one destination to another. It is a love/hate relationship. We are as far north as we will go on the Chesapeake Bay when we anchored at Worton Creek.  Except for Annapolis and Baltimore, we will keep to the east side of the Bay as we begin our journey back south to Atlantic Yacht Basin in Virginia. We arrived by 11 am and had two gin and tonics by noon. The ride over was hot so we also sat on  the swim deck and put our feet into the water to cool off.  There was a nice breeze as we sat in the cockpit listening to a book. We took the dinghy to shore for dinner at the Harbor Restaurant and then it was an after dinner spin around the creek.