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Jan 30 Los Angeles to Sydney Cruise.

We left Karen’s phone with the reception desk to be mailed back to her so Owen can use it. Then we settled in for 32 day cruise.

Feb 5 Bummer, I have come down with a terrible cold and of course it would happen during ports of call Kauai, Honolulu, and Hilo. Gary maked good use of his time at shore in Kauai. He bought a macadamia gift package at Walmart for our friends who will pick us up in Sydney and also got a hair cut. He took some nice beach pictures too.

Feb 7 I had signed up for a tour via cruise critic for Hilo but Gary had to go by himself. He came back with photos of Volcano National Park, Rainbow falls, macadamia factory and the black sand beach.

Feb 12 Marquesa Islands

We walked around the quiet town and ended up at the statue of Tuhiva. The pregnant statue was anatomically correct right down to her vagina.

That afternoon, dancers from the island came aboard to perform for the passengers.

Feb 14 Rangiroa, Tuamotu Islands

We walked off the ship in hopes of finding a beach. The road takes us along the ocean  with it’s rolling waters instead of the lagoon. We did veer off on a  crushed coral road and found a wonderful beach at a resort area. The water was nice and warm - just my style. I did start to feel my forehead burning even with the sunscreen I had applied. I think the bright glare of the sun on the water was just too much for me so I found a palm tree to sit under. Tough duty!

Gary surprised me with a Valentine’s Card - How thoughtful! Tea time on the ship was turned into a wonderful dessert celebration - Yuummmy.

Feb 15 Society Islands - Tahiti

The morning was spent walking the town which included the market. The afternoon was a tour of the island found on cruise critic. We learned how the islanders survived before the foreign invaders. It’s amazing how nature can  provide so much: nuts which can burn and provide light, medicines, shelter, food and clothing.

Feb 16 Society Island - Bora Bora

We started to walk the town but turned around and hopped on the shuttle bus to the beach for $10/person. Lovely white sand beach. We had a drink at the small cafe. Once again the sun was intense bouncing off the water and the sand.

Feb 19 Pago Pago American Samoa

We boarded a bus to the only US National Park but he dumped us off with his friend, a taxi driver. The taxi driver stopped at the over look (see photo) and the car was steaming - no radiator cap. He called his friend to come and take us the rest of the way. We saw the National Park and the Islands which are included in the park. We spoke with some men sitting the the guest houses. These houses are where issues of the community were discussed and resolved by the local chiefs.

Feb 22 Island of Fiji

The ship made a point of making passengers aware of pickpockets in Suva. We found only friendly people. The local’s market was amazing and is located right next to the bus station - convenient!

Feb 25  Bay of Islands - New Zealand

The weather was now much cooler - I need my fleece. We walked around the town and stopped to have beer and onion rings. There were lots of New Zealanders enjoying the last of the summer.

Feb 26 Auckland New Zealand

Our walk around the city was enjoyable. It started out cool but definitely warmed up. Loved the red gates of the custom house.

Feb 28 Wellington New Zealand

What a walk-able city! The locals love the waterfront which the city has redeveloped. People were out exercising, eating lunch or just enjoying a glass of wine. We walked up Cuba street and then made our way to the water. Met some nice people along the way. Much colder in the morning especially with the wind which blew the clouds away. I had to wear my down jacket.

March 3 Sydney we had an emergency on board to we were in Sydney a half day early. I hate to say this but I was so glad to see the harbor from a ship on a Sunday with all the locals enjoying their day off from work. It was my birthday, so we took the shuttle to King’s Wharf in Darling Bay. We ordered a Smoke Platter with way too much food for 2 people and a great wine from a Coonawarra winery.

March 4 Peter and Christine Schulz pick us up at the cruise terminal and take us to their home for lunch. We had a great conversation and look forward to seeing them when we are in Bali. They were kind enough to take us to the airport for our flight to bali.

And so ends our 32 day cruise aboard Oceania.