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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

Oct 30  After 11 days with my folks, Gary  drove to Denver to pick me up and we were off to Taos NM for our next house sitting assignment. By the way, my mother is still in a Rehab facility but is improving each day so I feel comfortable leaving her in good hands. I am only 5 hours away.  

The house is a lovely two story decorated in a western/Mexican style. The owner lived on a ranch for many years in southern Arizona at the Mexico border. The only thing we are missing is the horse to ride off into the sunset.

Our days are filled with playing with an energetic, one year old Australian poodle. She gets us up early for the morning pee. About 10 am it’s time for a long walk. We can do double duty with the walk as there is a grocery store to the North or South of us. Afternoons we go out to play fetch the ball. In between these events we are chasing each other around the livingroom/kitchen and tug of war with the stuffed lobster toy.

One day we decided to check out the historical town plaza. We gave Alice a rawhide bone and off we went. It was a beautiful day as you can see from the photo. We had lunch just off the plaza and stayed mostly to our high fat-low carb diet. Alice was so glad to see us when we got home. We couldn’t believe she had consumed the rawhide bone while we were gone. It wasn’t until bedtime that we realized where the bone went. Dirt was in a pile on the bedroom floor and the plant no longer was growing in the middle of the clay pot. The bone was buried in the middle of the clay pot. I always thought dogs burying bones was a wives tale - HA!

This picture was not intended to be porn! Alice is just sooo cuddly. How cute is this picture! It snowed 5-6 inches. Alice is only 1 year old so the snow might have been her first experience. She definitely searched for an appropriate place to pee. Once she got familiar with the snow - she loved it. Running in the snow was her favorite activity.

I’ve made two trips to Denver to get an update on my mother’s progress from the therapists and transferred her from the rehab facility back to the retirement center. I came home each time exhausted - trying to do too many things in a small amount of time.

Karen was able to drive down for a long Thanksgiving weekend. It was relaxing as she enjoyed taking Alice outside to play. I think she fell in love with Alice too. Our chocolate pecan pie bars (only 6 carbs per piece) were a huge success. The 23 # turkey Karen brought was more than enough turkey for the 3 of us. Thank goodness for freezers.  Gary cooked his famous Turkey soup for Karen so she will have some good suppers from her freezer.

After 5 weeks with Alice, our time with her is coming to a close. We will miss her very much. She is such a good-natured and fun loving dog. We will head back to Denver to visit family before we make a road trip to Tenn. for a house sitting assignment.