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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

Dec 19th This is our second time to the Tenn. Farm. We are familiar with the routine and settle in quickly. The animals must remember our smell as they aren’t as skittish as the first time. The owners of the farm are traveling via their Airstream to California for the Holidays. Two different environments!

Dec 22nd We drove to the town’s mall to watch the Star War’s Episode 7 - The Force Awakens. It was a good movie but I was a little disappointed in the character development. Afterwards we had pizza at the Pizza Inn. It was seniors day. It was a great value but having to see how the body deteriorates on many different specimens was sad.  Getting old isn’t for the weak!

Dec 25th Merry Christmas everyone! I have realized it was a mistake to take a house sitting assignment for the holidays. Gary has been wonderful but the holidays are for being together with friends and family. I miss all of you!

Since June, Gary & I are on the Keto lifestyle keeping our carb intake to 30 carbs per day and eating lots of fat. Gary has lost the most weight - having to purchase a new belt. I also must now wear a belt to keep the older pants from falling down. We are testing low carb recipes that would keep our friends and family happy - after all no sugar and no flour is a huge change in Gary’s cooking repertoire. My favorite is the chocolate/peanut butter/coconut fat booms in the lower right hand corner. I made the 7 layer magic bars with homemade sweetened condensed milk which is in the upper right hand corner. The garlic cheese knots are so wonderful. I miss having crackers/bread with my soup but these solve that problem. The eggplant crisps are now a go to snack pictured in the lower left hand corner. I follow the web site   I think every recipe we have tried has been at least good if not great tasting.

Jan 1st Happy New Year 2016  I spent the morning watching the Rose Parade. I would love to see the floats and all those flowers in person - Maybe Someday.

Jan 3rd  Sunday Drive to Smoky Mountain National Park   It was a normal drive until we exited I-40 and headed south on US 441. The 22 miles to Gatlinburg was commercialism at it’s best. It looked like a mini Las Vegas without the casinos - all to draw in the visitor. I guess when you have 10 million visitors to the Park, the visitors need accommodations, restaurants, and activities. We walked along the river in town, had a great BBQ lunch and then walked the main street of Gatlinburg before heading to the Park.

With the leaves off of the trees, the view of the mountains may have been less colorful but you could see the denseness of the forest. I loved seeing the peaks and valleys as they stretched before me. I played with color to enhance the the vast range of the mountains. The Park straddles Tenn. And N.C. and we crossed the Appalachian Trail twice. We even visited an old mill built in 1886 and a mountain farm.

We traveled 16 miles west to the historic town of Rogersville Tenn. The town was originally in the state of North Carolina and then in the state of Franklin (say what?) It was located on a stage coach route which brought prosperity to the town. It was a very cold day so most folks were inside with a nice fire to keep them warm.

On another cold day, we visited the replica of a tavern building that might have been used by Davey Crockett’s father in Morristown Tenn. Of course it was closed for the season. Only people from Vail go out sightseeing on a cold winter day.

Jan 15th Westward Ho! Colorado here we come.