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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

7/27/15  Our flight from Dulles to Knoxville was canceled. To make a LONG story short: hotel near Dulles airport at 2:00 AM, cab to Reagan airport at 4 AM, (Gary says it was the most expensive shower on record).  Caught 7 AM flight to Knoxville, and picked up by our house sitting hosts at noon. Gerry & Jim are delightful people and have a wonderful home - farm in the country. Penny, the dog, loves to be pampered with attention; Tom, the male cat, is friendly, “on his terms”; Bitsy, the female cat, is stand-offish and Lars, the canary, just sings most of the day, not needing much attention.

We quickly settled into a routine- 1st thing in the morning - get the animals fed and then while it is still cool I weed a section of the garden. We have started the Keto diet plan. Gary lost four belt holes in one month.  Gary has experimented with some new recipes and they aren’t bad! He has enjoyed being back in the kitchen. Afternoons are spent listening to books on tape and as always, I stitch new cross stitch designs. At the end of the day we feed the pets again and walk to the upper pond near the huge horse barn. The fish are fed two cups of fish pellets as the sun goes behind one of the many hills that dot the area.

We have come into contact with all types of creatures here on the farm. This picture is of my first muskrat, yes I know it’s hard to see. We had to clap our hands to scare off a coyote. I didn’t want the coyote near the house with the cats and dog. Rabbits are everywhere. It’s amazing they don’t bother the vegetable garden. A toad was knocking at the sliding glass door one evening. At dusk, we often see deer feeding on the clover. A turtle was sticking up his head one evening while feeding the fish in the upper pond. There are 3 good sized ponds on the property.

We can not eat all the vegetables coming from the garden, especially the Serrano peppers. We will start freezing the cherry tomatoes which have been so sweet! I think Gary will have to make Baba Ghanoush with the eggplant this next week. He found a wonderful recipe from Mario Batali using the homegrown peppers. It was so good we had to copy down the recipe to serve to family and friends.

Back to the animal topic: Fire flies appear at dusk. It reminds me of Tinkerbell or Authur and the Invisibles. The fairies are spreading their growing dust for mother earth. Ohhh how romantic! Now for the men out there, we had a baby frog climbing the sliding glass door and Gary found a Praying Mantis in the flower garden.

August 27, 2016  Our time here on the Tenn. Farm is drawing to a close but lucky for us “We’ll be back”. The owners have asked us back for the Christmas holidays and I will send Karen an airplane ticket to come visit us. Maybe Mike can come in January!