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April 28  The kids were delayed an entire day. American Airlines said they ran out of gas. They missed the wonderful buffet at Trader Vic’s. I went back twice for the foie gras and Gary went back 3 times.

April 29  We tried to visit the Grand Palace but because of the coronation in a few days, tons of Thai people were in town. Instead, we visited Wat Pho known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. He measures 50 yards or ½  a football field.  We took the tourist hop on hop off boat. Waste of money as you couldn’t understand what was being said on the boat. Dinner was close by at Eat Me - excellent meal! We will come back for the wagyu beef carpaccio -Worth the money.

April 30 The kids went to a Chinese temple and Gary & I walked thru Lumpini Park. Dinner was at the kids hotel. The heat made us all lethargic.

May 1  We flew to Chiang Mai. That evening Karen, Gary & I visited the night bazaar and stopped for some Indian food. Craig was smart to stay home and rest.

May 2  I checked myself into the hospital. Just couldn’t shake the heavy feeling in my chest. Inhalation treatments every 4 hours and steroids every 6 hrs. The kids went to the Elephant Sanctuary and had a wonderful time giving the elephants a bath.

May 3 I was released from the hospital and home by 10:30 am. The kids went on the Segway tour of the temples and city. I was the one that suggested the tour. I was bummed about not going. Thank goodness the kids said they had a great time and saw more of the city as it was just the 2 of them.

May 4  We flew to Phuket Island. We met for dinner at the Boathouse restaurant on Kata beach. Great food, great drinks and best of all great company.

May 5  The kids rested beside their pool. They had full days especially with the heat. Gary & I walked Karon beach. We were told of a cheap place to buy booze - the super cheap store near the temple. Due to the heat, I called “Quit the walk” and we had a late lunch at a restaurant/hotel we were passing. The lunch was a wonderful break with good food. We then obtained a tuk tuk to take us to super cheap. WE HAD PASSED IT! Gary purchased beer, gin and tonics. Then the driver took us back to our hotel.  

May 6  We arrived at the kids apartment with booze beer and snacks for the big Campbell verses Spaid Hand and Foot competition. Dinner was delivered from an Indian restaurant. The Spaids won the competition but we all had a great time together.

May 7  We gathered for our last time together at On the Rock restaurant on Karon beach. Nothing special about the dinner but it was a wonderful view.

The kids said they would come back to Thailand so the vacation was a big success. They have 2 more days but in Phuket town while we fly to BKK to catch a bus to Hua Hin.