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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

September 28, 2014  Cruise is over and we made our way on the train/metro from the pier in Yokohama. We ate at a small french restaurant three buildings away from the apartment.  We found the grocery store, post office for the ATM and the park and just hung out for awhile relaxing. The grocery store had western items so we purchased eggs, bacon, orange juice, cheese, salami, beer & a bottle of wine. Christina, the cleaning lady, was gone when we got back to the apartment. I then threw in our dirty clothes in the washing machine and unpacked. We have one issue with the apartment - it’s made for midgets!

 Notice how the fan hits Gary right in the face. To cook he has to lay   his head on his shoulder. Thank goodness for long arms!  Also   notice the track on the floor. Rules of the house say no shoes in the   apartment. You either have to stand on the track, which I have to do,   or stand behind the track which Gary does.

Gary is taller than the front entrance door and the bathroom door. He  has to bow to go through.

Notice the bathroom sink is about at his finger tips.

The Japanese shower first to remove dirt then everyone uses the water in the soaking tub since they are clean. We climb into the soaking tub (which hits me at the middle of my thigh) to shower as there is a wall holder for the shower head.

Our toilet seat is slightly heated - a nice change.

September 29, 2014 Our day with Sumiko, a volunteer free guide.  Sumiko met us at the Nijubashimae station near the Imperial Palace. Our tour of the grounds took a little over one hour in the hot sun. The Edo buildings (when Tokyo was a feudal castle) sitting up high on the rock foundations where magnificent. However they were a reconstruction. The Palace burnt down during WWII.

After buying some water we walked to the Yasukuni Shrine. It was here that I find

 out that the small papers hanging together are fortunes. Some fortunes can be  good, some can be bad. For a small offering, you can pick one. There is also a  purifying ritual one must do to enter the Shrine. Water is used to clean the left &  right hand and rinse the mouth.  

We then took the metro to the Kagurazaka part of Tokyo for our 7  course  lunch. I wanted a very traditional style meal in an established  restaurant.  Sumiko picked a wonderful restaurant. We had sea urchin,  fish cakes,  squid, quail eggs and so much more.  Afterwards we walked  around  Kagurazaka to see the many flavors of rice cakes, special  stationary, a store to buy a komono and much more. She was a great  tour guide.