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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

October 4, 2014 The four prongs that hold my diamond on my wedding rings are weak and need to be replaced. Since the San Juan Islands I have kept my ring in a small plastic bag - NOT ON MY FINGER. My finger feels naked without the ring. Our purpose today is to walk to the nearby mall Roppongi and hopefully get it repaired. No such luck! We had a nice walk anyway.

We had lunch at a basement sushi restaurant. One of the other patrons spoke english so we had a little chat. We ordered a sushi and sashimi plate and shared all of the wonderful goodies. The gentleman that prepared our plate for us either felt sorry for us or didn’t like the fact that we were destroying his work of art by sharing, so he asked for the plate back and said “cut” and we thankfully agreed. They were all very friendly and accommodating. I know we will go back as it is near the apartment. We will bring the camera with us too!

October 5, 2014 The lower part of Japan is being hit by a Typhoon so here in Tokyo it is raining cats and dogs. I came home soaked after a trip to the drug store and grocery.

October 6, 2014 The sun finally came out so we had a late lunch at an Indian restaurant. The chicken mushroom curry was spicy hot, the tandoori chicken was moist and flavorful, and the naan was out of this world.

October 7, 2014 Errand day

  We each had our hair cut. I felt 10 lbs lighter. All of Gary’s curly locks are   gone. Bye-bye hair.

As we rode the metro to the Tsukiji Fish Market, we saw two young ladies sitting across from us. They were going to Disneyland. I hope they have fun!

It was too late in the morning to see any fish being sold at the market. The fish was already on it’s way to the restaurants/grocery stores but it was fun to walk around the outer market. We met a gentleman from Oregon. He arrived at the market at 4 am in hopes of of getting one of the 150 spaces reserved for visitors to see the auctioning of the fish. He was too late - I guess you have to get in line at 3 am. We stopped and ate an interesting fish dipped in batter wrapped in bacon all on a stick. The batter actually had a sweet taste similar to the omelets that have been served with sushi. Since we didn’t have breakfast, we finally gave in to our hunger and found a place for an early lunch.

 Doesn’t that look yummy????

After lunch we caught a metro for Ginza, a famous shopping district. I needed to have the prongs on my wedding ring replaced so I won’t loose my diamond. We are successful for a $$$.

October 8, 2014 Trip to Asakusa.  I used the walking tour from to guide us around an older part of Tokyo. We arrived at the Nakamise Dori. Nakamise means "inside shops," and historical records show that vendors have sold wares here since the late 17th century. It was a little bit of unabashed consumerism on the way to spiritual purification.  Sensoji is Tokyo's oldest temple.  According to legend, the temple was founded after two fishermen pulled a golden statue of Kannon from the sea. The sacred statue is still housed in the temple.

Right next door to the temple, a priest was blessing a new car for a couple.  He read from a large document and then threw small papers which were held in a small box as he walked to each of the open car doors. It was all very interesting.