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May 22:  Today the Auckland Museum and a Maori performance. The show was so-so but the museum is very well done. Tin Tin’s niece came to the apartment today. We had a lovely talk with Thinn and her daughter.

May 21:  This morning challenge was getting the City Link Bus to the Fish Market. Once we got there we were very disappointed. I thought it would be a regular fish Market but it was only looked like a grocery store with expensive fish. We decided to walk back to the apartment and along the way find a place to eat. While we ate the rain came down - good timing.

May 20: Happy 62th anniversary to my folks.

I was waiting for the ferry and thought I recognized a man. I went up to him thinking he lived in the Vail Valley.  He introduced himself as Steve Wozniak co-founder of Apple and was a contestant on Dancing With The Stars. Boy was I surprised. We continued to see Steve throughout the day on his Segway Tour of Devonport. The ferry to Devonport is a short but lovely ride with great views. Many locals commute from this area. The city has kept its cottage look and the downtown is very walkable and quaint. The sun did come out and make everything sparkle. The tour driver recommended a cafe in town that was very nice and the NZ merlot/cab was great too.

May 19:  From Pier #2 we catch the ferry to Waiheke Island. We have a 1 1/2 hour tour of the Island and then we are free to do our own thing. The Island is lush and it seems there is a beach around every curve. We decide to have lunch at the Stonyridge Winery and then we walked next door to the brewery.  I wasn’t impressed with either the wines or the beer but we’ll keep trying.

May 18:  We meet some wonderful people who helped organize our next couple of days here in Auckland. We then visit the Maritime Museum. Sailing is a big deal here and transportation on the water has been in their history from the very beginning. We have a wonderful dinner along one of the Quays. Gary had his Bluff raw oysters and green lip mussels. I had the snapper which was excellent.

May 17:  Business class on JetStar wasn’t as good as other airlines but then I didn’t pay what other airlines want for business class.  We fly through immigrations but because New Zealand is very picky about plants, fruits and vegetables I declared that I have vanilla extract with  me. No Problem!

We catch the bus into Auckland and haul our luggage up the many hills here in Auckland. Hopefully it will all be downhill when we pick up the car.  We find an OK place for lunch and then head to the grocery store. I have to say, people everywhere have been wonderful but it means so much more when you both speak the same language.