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Bangkok Part 2

May 12: We transfer our stuff to the Swiss Lodge. This is a very nice hotel, great location and at $64/night a great value.

May 10:  Tin Tin stops by again to give me some paperwork to give to her cousin in Auckland New Zealand. I am busy getting the apartment ready for the return of Cassie and Servio. We will head to Hua Hin for a couple of days before our flight to New Zealand.

May 9:  It was hard to find but we finally got to the Thailand Cultural Center. I was thinking this would be like the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii. NOT. They have concerts in the evenings. Oh Well.  

May 8:  We are back at Chatuchak Park and find one out of two Geocaches. The Butterfly Farm was not near as good as the one we visited in Costa Rica.

May 7:  We attempt to go Geocaching at Chatuchak Park but we were farther away than the search requirements allowed. So then we walked to the Butterfly Farm but it is closed on Mondays. We did have our first ride on the MRT - subway.

May 6: Suan Pakkad Palace Museum

This is a must see for visitors and be sure to go with a guide.  Our guide was very informative. The first part of the museum is an exhibit displaying artifacts from 5600 BC discovered in 1966 by the son of the US Ambassador when he tripped and fell into a hole. Then we visited a building built in the 17th century containing gold lacquered interior walls depicting life of the Buddha and Thailand’s national epic. Amazing to see the workmanship. We then visited several traditional Thai homes and relics that the Royal Prince collected during his life time. Thai’s believe that if something is broken it must be thrown out. The Prince collected many statues with broken bodies or ceramics that had fused together in the kiln.

May 5: We have a visit from Tin Tin today. She is a monk and teaches Buddhism to English speaking persons. She is a friend of our cat owner, Cassie and Servio. She brought by two flower offerings for Cassie’s Buddha that sits on the refrigerator. She is such a nice lady. After we got back from the grocery store we found a banana cake Tin Tin had left for us.

May 3:  Today is Geocaching. We only found one of three. It was difficult getting good satellite reception. At 5pm we arrive at the Paragon building to see the movie “The Avengers”. Walking to the BTS station we came across a man selling honey combs. I swear you can buy anything on the street.The Paragon has lots of theaters and lots of people so you pick your seats. The 4D was sold out so had to see the 3D version. While waiting for the movie they show the traditional previews PLUS commercials. We also had to stand while a movie clip sang praises to their King. At least that’s my interpretation. We sat in chairs that lean back - very uptown.  The movie was great.

May 2:  The Snake Farm is close enough to our apartment that we can walk. They had many snakes to see and then at 11 am they demonstrated how to milk the venom from several cobras. I’m glad the glass walk was between the audience and the snakes.

May 1: Thai Labor Day Once again the vendors/restaurants have shut down. We make our way to the Museum of Siam opened in 2008. The museum dealt with the history of Thailand with lots of modern videos to hold a child’s attention. The ferries are packed with people as we make our way home. We were one of three lucky people to get on an express ferry going south. We should have paid double the cost (30 baht per person which is $1.00 per person) for the tourist ferry. What can I say - we are cheap but I’ll do it next time because of this heat. We stopped in for a late lunch at Madrid for Thai food - spicy but I could eat it. It made my nose run.

April 29:  Well Mike should have landed on Phutket. I’m sorry we won’t be able to see him but then again he is here with his friends.  I know he’ll have a great time. We had a big day first going to the Phra Suman Fort in the Santi Chai Prakan Park. The fort is one of two remaining built in 1782 to protect Bangkok.  We then take the ferry to Wat Pho, Temple of the Reclining Buddha.  It is 150 feet long (yikes, that’s like 1/2 of a foot ball field), the largest Buddha covered in gold leaf. It was 102 degrees today. We came home soaked in sweat. I had to jump in the shower right away.

April 27:  Today I walked to the BNH hospital down the street to see if I could get a mammogram and RX for my asthma medicine. They were very professional. I was in and out in 2 hours with the results and my medicine all for way less than I would pay at home.

April 25:  We walked to the Hindu temple, Sri Mariamman Temple, located in the Silom district. We couldn’t take pictures inside, only from the street. We then walked through the Silom Village and their market was going full tilt. The small fish for sale bring good luck when placed at your garden.

April 24:  We catch the ferry to Pier #15. As we walk away from the pier, the road is wall to wall flowers and plants. If I lived here I would purchase an orchid for less than $15. Our final destination is the Vimanmek Mansion.  The mansion was a summer palace outside of Bangkok. It was dismantled and moved to Bangkok in 1901. It is made from golden teak wood. We had an English speaking tour which was just ok. The mansion if full of gifts given to King Rama V and his collection of china. For a late lunch we ate at Madrid Tavern on Patpong1. The pizza was delicious.

Suan Pakkad Palace Swiss Lodge Hotel