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Bangkok Reflections:

1. Food

    Chilies are not indigenous to Asia. They arrived from South America with the Portuguese traders and missionaries. Today the Thai people eat more chilies on average per person than any other country in the world.

    Hot dogs are huge in Thailand. It’s the perfect food on a stick.

     Basil seems to be served with every meal. It is so fresh and flavorful.

2. Smells

    I often smell Plumeria when in the pool. It always reminds me of Hawaii. When walking on the streets you can smell chicken on the grill, rancid oil, fresh squeezed orange juice and the occasional sewer smells.

3. Visual

    You must watch where you are walking. The Thai people are shorter in height. Umbrellas, awnings, doorways all are potential hazards. The ground is uneven. They seem to like those two inch steps where you least expect them. I am always amazed at the items for sale on the street: eyelashes, belts, honey and underwear.

4. Auditory

    Whistles are used by building guards to help merge traffic. There is a lack of horns honking. The convent school is next door to the apartment. I will miss hearing the children sing their songs and the band practicing. The Greeting “Sawadee”.

5. Thai people

    They are a very polite people. They line up at the subways and skytrain - no pushing for them. They are very proud of their King. They are true believer of Buddha and his teachings. The ladies love their shoes however I have noticed they don’t always buy shoes that fit their feet.

Bottom Line: Some and I want to underline some of the above reflections also correlate to Paris, another of our most favorite cities. The time flew by and I’m already wanting to come back.