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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care


August 28:  We meet Speedy and Jain at our car rental office to hand over Dusty. We will miss him and how he would cuddle up to us on the couch. We make our way to the ocean for our “Ocean Drive” to Sydney.

August 26:  The last few days it has definitely been winter with rain most of the day. But of course today is sunny as we make our way back to Majors Creek.

August 23: I was hoping for a sunny day for our trip to Blundell’s Cottage but our luck didn’t hold. The cottage was home to farm workers in the 1860s and as been occupied until 1958. It predated the capital and is a monument to pioneering life.

August 21:  We were able to be kids again as we visited the National Zoo and Aquarium. Gary typically doesn’t enjoy being around lots of children but today we benefited by the talks they were giving to the various kid groups. I saw my first Joey in the pouch - it was so cute. The big cats reminded me of our African Safari. The red panda had a cute face too. Too bad Gary didn’t bring his camera.

August 20:  Money, Money, Money. Today is the Royal Australian Mint. I haven’t been to a mint since I was a kid. It had some interesting moments.

August 18: Happy 39th Anniversary to Us.   This morning we visited the National Museum of Australia. The museum is a museum of people and culture. I found it disjointed. I think they could make it better with an audio guide as I quickly tire of reading all the description signs.  Tonight is dinner at a Steak/Seafood Restaurant - hope it’s good food.

August 17:  Meeting Place of the Nation the Australian Parliament House.  Located at the top of Capital Hill, the Parliament  house tour was very interesting. The Parliament consists of the House of Representative AND a Senate (that concept came from the USA) and the Queen or her representative - Governor-General. We did go up to the roof top but today’s weather wasn’t the best - raining most of the day and even some snow in certain areas. We will have to come back on a nice day to take pictures as the view is wonderful.

August 15:  I have chosen to see the National Library’s Treasure Gallery today. They had 3 UNESCO “Memory of the World” items. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. First item: the Endeavour Journal by James Cook from his voyage in 1768-1771. It foreshadows the eventual colonization of Australia in 1788 and the tragic consequences to the aborigines. Second item: Mabo Case Manuscripts 1992. Mabo, an indigenous activist, and his documents changed the legal and legislative Australian law recognizing the status and land rights of the indigenous people. Third item: Convict Records of Australia which is believed to be the beginning of globalization via transportation.

August 13:  We pack up our things and the dog and drive to Canberra for 13 days. We don’t have any problems finding the apartment which is a very good thing. We drive to the nearby shopping mall. We find a Chinese restaurant and lunch was delicious.  In the mall we are able to get a hair cut, I was able to find Amaretto at the liquor store for the first time since Bangkok and finally restocked our groceries.

Blundell's Cottage