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November 8: We are able to get out of France - whew! It has rained very hard here in Italy - water is standing in the fields. By the time we get to Varenna it is pitch black. Met a very nice couple from Brazil. They were also going to Bellaggio. (Easiest way to get to Bellaggio is from Varenna) We find the Ferry! Another triumph. The hotel is away from town high up on the hill side. We are dead tired.

November 7: The sun is shining - of course on our day to leave. We prepare Marci’s chalet for departure. The taxi is there on time and we finally get to see the Orcieres/Gap area during the daylight. Bus ride to Grenoble non eventful. However, our train is canceled, we missed the last train to Milan, and a train strike starts at 8pm so we are stuck in Grenoble and will have to figure out a way to Milan tomorrow. They wouldn’t refund our money reserved for the hotel in Milan.

November 6: It’s not raining as hard but still foggy.

November 4 & 5: It has been pouring rain. Thank goodness we don’t have to be out sightseeing. Gary has suggested that anyone reading this journal and looking at our pictures may not have the same allure to doors, bells and church clocks that we do, therefore, I have moved those items into their own special folder. Your welcome.

November 3: Another cloudy day. We will go to the Cafe which has Internet so I can post this journal and the pictures. Tonight is the raclette with cheese, sausage, potatoes and a salad - should be fun! We will need to buy wine!

November 2: Today is rainy and cloudy. Gary goes to the market to purchase cheese for Marci’s raclette appliance, some pain-o-chocolate (chocolate filled croissants) and some scotch - I still have to have happy hour. We can now add a new word to our vocabulary: sachet meaning bag. We had to buy the entire sachet of croissants - no problem, it contained only 4 rolls. I take a nap on the couch. Off and on during the day we can hear the rain pounding on the roof which drowns out the ticking of the seconds on the grandfather clock. I feel at home. The stairway, the squeaky floors and the musty ness of the laundry room remind me of Grandma Hanson’s home in Iowa.

November 1: The Girins leave for St. Germain-en-laye a suburb of Paris.  I decide to bask in the sun like a reptile and read a book. It’s an old Sidney Sheldon - I haven’t read his books for years. It was a quick read so now I select Arthur Haley, another author I haven’t read in years.

October 31: Marci walk us around the town. Is it very quiet here and most everything is closed until the Christmas holiday. Alexia (my niece) is busy carving the pumpkin for tonight is Halloween. She chooses the face of Jack from the Nightmare before Christmas. Andre (my nephew) is busy snapping pictures with Gary’s camera.

October 30: Last night we turned the clocks back from daylight savings time. We prepare a picnic lunch for a walk. Everyone’s definition of walk is different. We climbed 1200 ft in altitude, I Call That A Hike! The town is trying to replant the trees that were cut down, over the centuries, for fuel and construction material. I have decided I like trees on my mountains.

October 29: We have the morning to visit Torino. They have pedestrian streets that go on for blocks. The city seems cleaner than other Italian cities. I was amazed at the number of Palazzos with parks, the architecture of the building and the historical monuments. I will definitely come back.

We take a bus to Chambery France, train from Chambery to Grenoble, and a bus to Gap France (tracks are being maintained for the up and coming winter season). Christophe, my brother-in-law, picked us up. It is dark so can’t get a feel for the area where the chalet is located. It’s good to see my sister and her family.

October 28: Train to Torino or as we know it Turin Italy. Hotel is great - on a quiet street but close to the train station. I used the hotel’s internet - what would we do without internet?