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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care


March 23:  Today is Louie’s last day in Cyprus. We have enjoyed his company. Our last time together was walking the beach near Pyla. It was another delightful day on the beach. The afternoon was spent on our deck - 1st time. Our thought are now directed toward Bangkok - OH BOY!

March 21:  Another Geocaching day - 3 for 3. It was our first day warm enough not to have a jacket. We see more and more tourist, maybe because of the weather. No one’s in the water yet. The city is removing the seaweed from the beach. The tourist boats are getting a cleaning. Business men are putting out the beach umbrellas and lounge chairs. The laid back city is starting to come alive.

March 19:  We have one week remaining of our holiday in Cyprus. I have been impressed with the Island. There is plenty to see if you have a car. Limassol would be a more centrally located city for visiting all the sites that Cyprus has to offer but I enjoy being in a more remote village with less hustle and bustle. We picked a very cool but beautiful time to visit. Everything is green and the trees are in bloom. Swimming will have to wait until Bangkok. Our house sitting assignment is in the middle of Bangkok with a pool right outside our patio door. I can finally shed my jacket and sweater. I finally wore a hole in the elbow of my sweater. It has been a good friend.

March 18:  It’s a beautiful day - the sun is shining, no rain and very little wind. We still need to have jackets especially where we are going - the mountains.  The last couple of days had provided more snowfall to the already snow covered peaks. Our first stop is the church of the Archangel Michael in the village of Pedoulas. We drive down the narrow streets of the village. We come across a large white church and we think this is it. Not so fast broker breath. We have to continue further down into the village. We drive right past many cars - gathered as if for church. I walk back up the hill. The church is tiny - chairs for 12 people and doesn’t even look like a typical church. The Byzantine frescos inside are amazing. It is a UNESCO site and dates to 1474. We are the only ones there to admire the well preserved church. Our next stop is the Kykkos Monastery founded in 1100 and dedicated to the Virgin Mary.  It was a very  large and popular site with bus loads of people. The mosaics and fresco were lovely but it was a let-down after visiting the quaint tiny church.

March 15:  It has been cloudy and rainy for the last couple of days. We go into town to mail postcards, print and scan a document for our mortgage refinance we have been working on since July 2011 !!!!!  We walk along a deserted beach until we get to the airport fence and head back to see if we can find a couple of geocache.   We found one at the Fishing wharf and the Hala Sultan Tekke. The Sultan geocache is the burial place of the foster mother of  Mohammed - the founder of Islam.

March 12:  We drive through the Troodos Mountains to the town of Omodos. The towns in the area are along the Wine Route. The hills are terraced and grape vines are everywhere. We bought a bottle of syrah. We had lunch at a locals place and had the traditional dishes. All were good except the sausage - ugh.

March 10:  Another Geocache Day. We found all four on the list and most had a wonderful view of the surrounding area where the apartment is located.

March 9:  Louis suggested we drive to Lefkara village known for traditional lace making. It was a wonderful village nestled at the top of the foothills with small lanes and old churches. We found a geocache outside of the church.  We then drove to the top of the mountain for a fantastic view of the area. On our way home we stopped at a neolithic UNESCO site. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as old as this site from the 7th century B.C. Based on what they recovered, they were very civilized. Cool.

March 8:  Geocaching Day. Within walking distance of our apartment is a geocache called the Royal Tomb.  We found the cache hidden under the roof. The tomb was underground and still had the sarcophagus’ of the dead in small rooms. I wonder what else might be buried below my feet. We attempted a geocache in Larnaka but DNF. There was a German couple searching for it as well. You win some and you loose some.

March 7:  Lefkosia is the capital of Cyprus. The old town is surrounded by fortified wall. I was really looking forward to the visit. The walls were grand but the walls of Lucca Italy are much prettier. The old city is very drab. This is the only city that is split in half by the occupation of the Greeks on the south and Turkey on the north. There is still a very bad feeling of the Cypriots towards the Turks. We did stop at an out door market. We purchased a turnover from an old woman, sausage from a gentleman, and replenished our supply of nuts.

March 5:  Today we drove to Pafos on the west side of the Island. My reason for visiting was the UNESCO Archeological Park. The Romans picked a superb spot with wonderful view of the sea. The mosaics dating from the 3-5th centuries are very well preserved. We had lunch next to the water. The weather is improving day by day. On the way home we stopped at the birthplace of Aphrodite. Zeus picked a lovely spot to bring beauty and love into the world.

March 3:  Today is the 21st anniversary of Candy’s 39th birthday.   I don’t feel that old but I can honestly say it is a good thing we are touring the world now while we still have the energy.

Louis drives us east past Agia Napa to the National Forest Park “Kavo Gkreko”. We walk around the stone promontory to see the Sea Caves. It is a beautiful day to get out and hike a bit. We return to Agia Napa to walk the town and have lunch. We sit outside near a fountain and surrounded by orange trees and have a great lunch.

March 2:  We get ready to walk around town but find a note slipped under the front door. It is from our next door neighbor Louie. Born in Italy, living in England and currently visiting Cyprus. He has offered to drive us to Larnaka (20 minutes away). He shows us some of the city and then we split up to meet up again for lunch and the return trip home. He recommends a seafood restaurant that is wonderful. The Greeks know how to prepare calamari! We get along very well and decide to meet up again tomorrow for a walk the tourism office has suggested.

March 1:  Laundry Day

February 29:  The morning is cloudy but doesn’t look as threatening so we walk to the town’s market. We get help from either the owner or employee in deciphering the food labels. We load up Gary’s backpack but we each still have a bag of items to carry back to the apartment. We will try to get to the Internet cafe so we can talk to Karen.

February 28:  We are settling into our apartment in Pyla Cyprus. It has rained and hailed off and on all day. Luckily there is a small market right outside of the apartment units so Gary picks up some food to get us by until we can walk into town to get all the food items we need. We miss the brightly lit and well supplied kitchen from the Czech Republic. After many days touring it is nice to just loaf around. I have read all of the visitor brochures about the area. We may have to rent a car for sightseeing trips where the local bus does not go.