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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

Jordan Part 1

February 20:  We depart Amman and head to Petra. Along the way we visit Mount Nebo. A church was constructed in 540 AD as a monument to Moses who died somewhere in the area per the Bible. Beautiful mosaic floors have survived from the original church.

We then visit the Saint George Greek Orthodox Church located in Moab!  

We continue on what is called the King’s Highway through the Wadi (valley) Mujib, the grand canyon of Jordan. It’s impressive but nothing can hold a candle to the real Grand Canyon.  Our final sightseeing stop is the Karak Castle. The castle is huge!! Many vaults remain and a nice museum is in a restored vault.

February 19: Today we visited the Ajlun Castle in the snow/rain. I didn’t know it snowed in Jordan. The castle is large and was used to protect the region against the crusaders.

We then visit Jerash. This should be a UNESCO site as it was wonderful. The sun eventually did come out to make our pictures more respectable. Only 25% of the Roman city has been dug out of the dirt and sand (20 feet deep or more). The sand help loveliong preserve the glories of the city.  Hadrian makes an appearance again with the main gate named after him. The theater seating 3,000 had wonderful acoustics. The Hippodrome could seat 15,000 people. The chariots waited behind their gates to jump forward and out race their fellow competitors. If you love Pompeii and Ephesus, you will love Jerash.

We also learn that Amman used to be called Philadelphia - very interesting. Lunch is a huge extravaganza at the Tawaheen Al Hawa restaurant.

February 18:  The four of us go to the breakfast buffet at the Grosvenor House hotel. The food was good but the crepe was excellent.  Back at the apartment, Gary & Pierre are trying to copy most of our movies on the 3 terabyte hard drive and I am packing for our flight to Jordan. Pierre graciously drives us to the airport and  we check in with plenty of time. The flight to Jordan on FlyDubai is 3 1/2 hours. You pay for food and drinks - FYI.  We must buy a Visa for Jordan at the airport. Everywhere there are signs saying we can use Visa (since we don’t have the local currency). Ha! Not so broker-breath. Our Visa isn’t working - they probably don’t have the machine plugged in. An officer takes me to an ATM in the out of airport zone. I get the cash and everyone is happy. I am to be met by our driver but I don’t see my name. Gary goes to the Avis counter to pay to make a phone call to the driver. There has been a mix-up in the names and eventually everything works out.  The hotel is full of Libyans who are visiting the hospital. We are the only Caucasians in the hotel. I am slightly intimidated.

Mount Nebo Karak Castle Ajlun Castle Jerash