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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care


November 22:  Gary Here - I read the October Issue of Bon Appetit talking about Charcuterie as I love to smoke and cure meats.  There was something I never heard of called Nduja from Calabria - the toe of the boot of Italy.  By coincidence, we ate at Pensione Locanda Camino.  The chef was from Calabria and not only knew of Nduja, but gave Candy and me two slices.  The idea of a soft, spicy salami may sound weird but it sure tasted great.  Score!

November 20: Ruviglana is the area of Lugano where we are staying. It is located on the side of Mont Bre. Typically when taking a walk it means going up and down. On our walk today we actually found a path that was level - hooray, my legs and the dog are tuckered out!

November 19: We walked to the #12 bus stop to get to Mont Bre. The mountain is 925 meters and is east of Lugano. Gary found another geocach and took the geocach coin which was inside. We will need to find another home for the coin. We had lunch at a local restaurant. We were the only foreigners in the place. It was fun to watch the interaction between the locals. We were able talk with the kids on skype.

November 18: Today I purchased our train tickets to Nice for November 24. On our way back from the train station we stop at the cathedral of San Lorenzo in Lugano. It is a medieval church

(818 AC) rebuilt in the fifteenth century and became a cathedral in 1888. It is currently under restoration. It will be beautiful when it is finished.

Next to the church was a small geocach which we found this time. It was hidden in one of the drainage holes. Yahoo, our first Swiss geocach!

November 17: We attempted two different geocach locations. One location was down by the lake at a small dock. The other was at the Museum of Culture. We didn’t find either geocaches - next time translate the hint! For those of you who are unfamiliar with geocaching, please go to this web site:

November 16: We are out of the apartment by 9:15 to get to the train station. Goal - to get to Luino. Wednesday, Luino is purported to have the largest market in all of Europe. I’m not experienced in markets but I can tell you this is huge and mostly clothing/shoes. Best prices I have ever seen. Didn’t buy anything - weight limitations. Found a great restaurant on a pedestrian street. Gary ordered a rosso wine. When it was poured it was a red champagne - very fun. Met a very nice couple from Basel.

Note to self: to get from Lugano to Luino: take the little red train across from the regular train station to Ponte Tresa then take the 421 bus to Luino.

November 15: No hot water for bathing, heat or laundry. I thought I remembered seeing the property management sign outside the building. We got a hold of someone that speaks English and explained our problem.

The bus company has Gary’s jacket so he makes a trip back to Menaggio  where the bus company has it.

By 3pm Gary is back but no phone call from the property management company. We have to get the English/Italian speaking neighbor to speak with the company. At 4pm the repairman is fixing the water heater - the day ends on a positive note.

November 14: On our arrival we only purchased enough food to get us through the weekend. We take the #11 bus to the Migro grocery store in the center of Lugano. We fill up 4 bags, thanks goodness the bus is close.

November 13: We take a walk around the Ruvigliana neighborhood of Lugano.

November 12: Today we can relax, email the bus company about Gary’s jacket and get caught up on the internet.